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Bonus CST Post – Otis

“If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it,” – Isadora Duncan (from Steph’s handout) “Are works of art effective at conveying thinking?” – From Tom’s Handout.   If the intent of art is communication, do 3D printers aid in this transferring of information? It seems like a huge portion […]

Blue Rabbit Project – Iteration 4 Otis

2.5″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″ Time: 4 Hours. Weight: 61 Grams. Unfortunately, the virtual model is only a small part of the project as a whole, and the rest will only be ready after the object has been printed (or misprinted). The model is made up of layers of unprintable overhangs, which when printed will […]

CST Post Week 8

Otis Lambert   “If you choose to reject the dualism, you end up either with a disembodied mind or with no mind at all,” – Malafouris. The dualism between the mind and body, and in extension the world and objects around it, can cause a desire to look for a separation between the two. I … Continue reading »

Blue Rabbit Project – Images

Otis Week 8   What are the repercussions of society’s quest for the elimination of entropy? How do they extend to 3D printing? The first image here is a picture of the Hubert H. Humphrey Building. Designed by Marcel Breuer, the brutalist aesthetic fits the description of an orderly entity with no room for entropy … Continue reading »

CST Post Week Seven

There was much less time spent in the CST labs this week as compared to in the past, but even with that limitation, I felt that the level of discourse perhaps went beyond anything that had happened in earlier weeks. Because the time was devoted entirely to discussion, the classroom time felt much more valuable, … Continue reading »

CST Post Week Six – Otis

“You mean to say that you’re surprised by building stuff out of unusual materials,” – Cory Doctorow. I’ve noticed an interesting dichotomy amongst the students, which, although it has always been present, it is now making its way into the foreground much more intensely than it did before. It seems as if there is a split … Continue reading »

Otis 2014-10-21 08:53:34

Blue Rabbit Assignment – 1st Iteration Otis Lambert   In a world where entropy is increasingly fought against with the goal of its removal; how does that affect creation and the creative process?   In the essay Michel Mendès France and Alain Hénaut wrote for MIT Press, titled Art, Therefore Entropy, they put forth the … Continue reading »

Week 2 CST

“I don’t want Kettlewell to get more involved in this. It’s going good. Scrutiny could kill it.” (Doctorow, Page 82) Both as the observer and as the one working at a computer, I noticed a shift in the way that I worked when I noticed somebody else watching. I think a large part of this … Continue reading »

First Week

I have never spent much time experimenting with either 3D modeling or printing, so this first week has been very interesting for me. With the assumption that 3D modeling was a convoluted and difficult process, I had always stayed away from it, but using Tinkercad, I found the act of creation to be intuitive and … Continue reading »