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Ending the last week I  am feeling proud of the things that I’ve learned under the circumstances. Learning In Design was a super useful tool that I am exited to utilize for the rest of my schooling, and beyond. With the finishing products being finished, it is exiting to see everyone’s projects coming out so nicely and to be able to see the hard work they put into it. I am still in the editing process, but my frames should be ready to print tomorrow or Wednesday. It will be rewarding to print my finished glasses frames.

Iteration December 1st Blue Rabbit


Glasses Frames H: 2.5 inches L: 6.14 inches Ear Rods: H: 0.6 inches L: 5.3 inches

I have yet to print my project, but am greatly excited about the progress that I’ve made, and the things that I have learned. I feel capable to freely print anything I might desire in 3D, granted there is a purpose for it. The glasses frames that I’ve designed will be utilized and I will perfect them until they make me feel they are done.

Having glasses frames as my project is empowering because I feel like I have total control on what I want them to look like. If I see something I don’t like in the frames that I’ve printed, I can easily come back to Tinkercad and fix whatever I found that didn’t work well. If I want a different color of frames, I could go and do that with a couple of clicks.

Although Tinkercad is a great resource, I find it slightly grim with the shapes that you can use. If I could have designed my own shapes, I feel I could’ve made my frames much more personal, and shape them how I felt suited best, without having to work around different constraints. Alas, my project will survive, and will turn out just fine for my first try, I believe.

I’ve learned that glasses frames can be a great resource for changing your mindset. If you’re sad, put on a pair of bright red funky glasses, go big or go home. If you’re feeling shy, slap on your nerdy black glasses. Researching this topic has taught me many things about people and why they choose to wear the frames they do.

I’m excited to keep advancing in the things that I’m doing, and hopefully have little errors in able to ensure that I waste as little PLA as possible.













CST week eight

Having the week off has given me a chance to look at all the different ways that I could print my glasses, and which programs I could use. I am excited to begin the final stages of printing and to be able to start working the lenses and seeing how they will fit, and what I will need to do to better the lenses. Its fun to see everyone coming so far in their projects as well.

Blue Rabbit #3


Eye glasses have been around for thousands of years, if you wish, they could be staples for yourself, allowing you to express the kind of person you are.


My wonderful friend, Bethany.

The idea of 3D printing glasses, to me, is infinite. The possibilities for me are now endless, virtually. Whenever I want a new pair, all I have to do is design them.

Budri_Marble_Eyewear_Mod_Ego_front-600X300We have come a long ways in the designing of glasses frames. I am excited to be able to keep diving in to the world of 3D printing and seeing what else I can come up with. The possibilities are wide and I am looking forward to trying new things, like in the first picture, weaving thread through to make your glasses any color you like.

this ione-1.16.48-PM

3D designed glasses frames on


CST 11/17/2014

“…The primacy of the inherent bodily orientation in the mapping…. The primacy of bodily experience in the structuring of human conceptual processes.” 


We have been going through this process for about 8 weeks now and I see everyone getting deeper and deeper into their projects. Its exciting to see how invested my peers are, and also to see how much we have learned. Especially with all the different aspects of devices that we could use to design our objects to have them printed. I’m looking forward to the rest of the process and to continually understand more and more things.

CST Week five

“Our stories are about the world, so our stories are about people figuring out what’s causing their troubles and changing stuff so that those causes go away.” (Doctorow 176-177)


This week in class was interesting. I learned a lot more about 3D printing and what I need to be preparing for when I am actually ready to print. I realize that I need to start thinking about time and how long its going to take to make my print. I also need to decide what color of filament I will use. I was really excited to learn about adobe illustrater, and I’m excited to begin testing with my project.

CST- week four

“The thing that we need to do is make these people the authors of their own destiny.” 

(Doctoro, 93)

This week in class I have been paying a bit more to others than myself, which isn’t a bad thing. I’ve actually gained some more perspective on 3D printing and was able to get more ideas for my project. It’s interesting getting and giving feed back on each others projects.

I find everyone’s ideas very different from all the rest, even Emma, who is also designing a pair of glasses to be printed out in 3D. Although the ideas are similar, Emma took a really different approach than me, so looking at that was really interesting.

I like this quote a lot, I think its an important lesson to learn in life. It strikes me as something to be very true and even words to live by. We are the authors of our own destiny, we can do anything we put our minds to, we control how we feel.

Iteration #1: The Idea



Is this world really worth seeing clearly?

Six months ago, my seeing eye glasses were lost. Due to lack of funds, I have yet to go buy another pair. Because of my need for these glasses, I thought this was an appropriate project to embark on.

Although for some it may be simpler and more reasonable to just go out and buy a pair of glasses, it might even be simpler for me, but I dont feel like it would be more reasonable. I am printing these in 3D because I dont feel like I am creating anything useless, or without purpose. It doesnt seem destructive or wasteful, and will hopefully be a challenging and rewarding process.

Around 1000 AD, the first vision aid was invented, called a reading stone, which was a glass sphere that was laid on top of the material to be read that magnified the letters. Evidently, the first eye glasses were made in Italy in 1286.

“It is not yet twenty years since there was found the art of making eyeglasses, which make for good vision…And it is so short a time that this new art, never before extant, was discovered…I saw the one who first discovered and practiced it, and I talked to him.”  Ilardi, Vincent (2007), Renaissance Vision from Spectacles to Telescopes, Philadelphia, PA: American Philosophical Society.

My idea is to make frames similar to the pair pictured above. I want the frames to be strong, and to hardly look like theyve been 3D printed, (not stringy like the printers can sometimes do.) I am going to try and make that not happen, or happen less, by choosing a color like brown or black. Also it will just consist of how wide I design the frames on the computer.

153 million people (2% of the world’s population / 23% of the total number of those who are visually impaired) cannot see properly because they are short- or long-sighted – conditions that can easily be treated with a pair of prescription glasses. I happen to be long sighted, or near sighted. This affects me by making objects, signs, people, mostly everything thats far away very blurry. When I put my prescription glasses on, things become much less blurry and I am able to see far away things far much better.


This is a picture of the first known seeing eyeglasses. These were known as “bow spectacles” and were used from the first eye glasses on into the 1700′s. “Spectacles Gallery”Museum, British Optical Association.

The amount of growth that glasses have seen throughout these hundreds of years has been astronomical. Going from tiny metal frames without even anything to hold them onto your face except your nose, to glasses with all different sizes and shapes, theres even glasses with computers in them now.

Beyond that, I am about to print in 3D a pair of glasses frames, which is insane if you think about the time lapse. Its very exiting and almost a bit frightening honestly to think about how advanced technology has become.

Without eyeglasses, or without the lenses, our world would be a much different place. It would be harder for some to make out any words or objects far away, but also thinking about magnifying glasses, telescopes, lab tools to see tiny molcules. All of these things would be much different in a world without bifocals.

I am excited to jump into my project and create something that will be very beneficial for me. It will be rewarding to create something that will help me in the long run, and that I can hang onto for awhile. It will also be rewarding to be able to wear something that I designed and had the opportunity to print in 3D.

“Rose had the sort of eyes that manage perfectly well with things close by, but entirely blur out things far away. Because of this even the brightest stars had only appeared as silvery smudges in the darkness. In all her life, Rose had never properly seen a star.
Tonight there was a sky full.
Rose looked up, and it was like walking into a dark room and someone switching on the universe.” 
― Hilary McKayIndigo’s Star

week three field notes

“‘What’s with the jungle gym?’ It really has been something, fun and Martian-looking”(Doctorow 100)

Observing my classmates this week I had tried to get a sense of the projects that everyone was embarking on. Its really interesting to see the variations of peoples ideas. Its interesting in a way because I feel like everyone’s projects are similar in ways, like how useful they are, and how no one is making anything wasteful or useless, at least to them. I see the differences. I am looking forward to the unfolding of everyone’s ideas.


Field notes- week two

Whats interesting about these first pages of the Maker Manifesto is that you really get a sense of how important “making” really is. Without anyone making anything, the earth would be a lot more of a spacious place. It was mans idea to make houses, roads, cars. Pretty much literally all that you see was made by man.

Its also important to look at sharing as a huge asset and necessity to the making community. Sharing these ideas has contributed to many ad-on’s and new and improved ideas. I am looking forward to expanding with my class and to continue to share and make.