“How can competitors become imitators, and how does that relate to the conceptual mind?” (Doctorow 262)

“Markings matter because they constitute putative evidence for the presence, or the origin, of symbolically mediated behavior.” (Malafouris 183)

How can the lines and edges implemented in the engravements of fragments through the finger-work of our ancestors compare to that of the lines and edges that come from our 3D Printers when they are creating an object? This is what comes to my mind when reading our texts since we have been discussing the relations between technology and human cognition. I also wonder in factual support like technological culture, how technology changes people’s “culture” ,(aka: the way we live), and the societal boundaries of what is right and wrong. If technology exceeded to a point beyond our current conception of the future, would it be morally correct to print fetus beads?