“But it would be very difficult to draw the boundary between the internal and the external parts of the cognitive system involved, even if one were able to locate precisely where these cognitive processes were enacted.” (Malafouris 71)

“He patted her arm. ‘”You forgot who you’re talking to. I love fixing stuff. Don’t sweat it.’” (Makers 206)

In Malafouris’ s work, he “undermines” the cognitive processes enacted upon stone tablets that were written sometime in our history, to be able to further understand how the human mind has evolved into more complex interconnected thought processes which is that of our brain. Although this is a hard thing to read by judging the hand movements on a stone tablet, is it not almost like looking through computer code to read how the computer is thinking? Since the creation of computer coding, mankind has worked in a much different way, and I believe that whoever controls the code of the machine can very well control the code of the human, which lives off of, or bases their life off technology, much like Perry and Lester do in “Making.”