Compositions by Arun Chandra

The Dance of the Unhappily Obedient (2019) [11:00]

Mixdown to stereo from 140 independent channels.

Written for the 2019 Spatial Music Workshop at Virginia Tech.

I Pity the Garden (2018) [8:30]

for eight voices. Poem by Forugh Farrokhzad.

Performers: Ariel Birks, Jane Rogers, Shirley Urman, Hathor Vergotis, Taylor Gibbs, Oliver Cramer, Callum McKean, Elliot Kennedy, Ben Michaelis, Ben Kapp (March 6, 2019)

Score: I Pity the Garden

A Refugee in the Mediterranean (2017) [30:00]

Written for the 2017 Unity Gain festival at the Portland Community College, to celebrate the installation of their 32-channel high-density speaker array.
Mixed down for 8-independent channels – 8 channel .wav file (~1.3GB)
MP3 files (each ~14Mb)
16-bit, 44.1kHz mono WAV files (each ~151 Mb)

Country Mouth and City Mouth (2015) (9:00)

for 8-channels
mixdown to stereo

An experiment in using only additive synthesis for composition.

An Untitled Poem in 16 Stanzae by Keith Moore

(13:30) (playback: 1993, vocal score: 2012) [137mb]
for six voices and two-channel playback.
Voice: Keith Moore

Performed by: Ariel Birks, Jane Rogers, Taylor Gibbs, Psyrus Bruni, Otto Kildegaard, Ben Michaelis

tape part alone: Wave file

Sounds synthesized by wigout, a program for creating waveform transformations.

Performed at the 2010 ICMC in New York, NY.

Score: “An Untitled Poem in Sixteen-Stanzae by Keith Moore” for six voices and 2-channel playback

Landscape score for Kate

Seven poems by David Wolach

(10:30) (2011) [25mb] (mp3)

Voices: Benjamin Michaelis, Ben Kapp, Elizabeth Williamson, Molly McDermott, Clayton Norman

Stereo mixdown of 8 channel composition

drift, sentence — burst

(11:13) (2005) [114mb] (mp3) (wav)

Sunday Drives

(8:40) (2003) [88mb] (mp3) (wav)
after a poem by Mary Margaret Fondriest
voice: Mary Margaret Fondriest

An Appropriate Response (JDAM)

[9:59] (2002) (101Mb) (mp3) (wav)
For four voices and 2-channel playback
performed by Mary Margaret Fondriest, Kelly Cullom, Anthony Cobb and Mark Zanter

on the tip of my tongue

(11:30) (2006) [27mb]
2 channel mixdown of a 6 channel composition.
voices: Kate Arvin and Todd Kimmich


(8:18) (1997)[84mb] (mp3) (wav)
for 3 percussionists and 2-channel playback
after a poem by Chris Mann
voice: Chris Mann
Commissioned by the Percussion Group Cincinnati.
Performed at:

  • 1998 SEAMUS conference at Dartmouth College (Percussion Group Cincinnati)
  • 2002 ICMC in Gothenburg, Sweden (Gothenburg Percussion)
  • 2015 SinusTone Festival, Berlin (BerlinPianoPercussion)

Performance by the Percussion Group Cincinnati

Tape part only [84mb]
Performance by the BerlinPianoPercussion Ensemble, October 30, 2015 [85mb]

Score: Crocker

Mann in the Middle

(1:08) (1997) [12mb] (mp3) (wav)
voice: Chris Mann
Written for the Frog Peak Collaboration Project

The gift of gab

(6:48) (1997) [69mb] (mp3) (wav)

Performed at the 1998 SEAMUS conference (San Jose)

smear pulse no sneer

(9:45) (1994) [99mb] (mp3) (wav)

First attempt at using my synthesis algorithm pulse.
Performed in the 1995 spring tour of the Performers Workshop Ensemble.

A Bit, A Curve, Alas, A Wave!

(8:20) (1993) [85mb] (mp3) (wav)

Sounds synthesized using my program triktraks.

Performed at the 1993 American Society for Cybernetics conference (Chicago)

We Wear the Mask

(6:44) (1992) [68mb] (mp3) (wav)
after a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar
voices: Michael Hamman, Ann Dwyer, Gottfried Meyer-Kress

Sounds synthesized by using chaotic algorithms as described by the mathematician Gottfried Meyer-Kress


(5:56) (1992) [61mb] (mp3) (wav)
after a poem by Alice Thorner
voice: Arun Chandra
Performed at the 1993 ICMC conference in Tokyo, Japan.

to get to the other side

(5:15) (1991) [53mb] (mp3) (wav)
voices: Joe Grohens, Kimberly Michael, Renice and Jolie Wernette,
Phil Johnson, Scott Midler and Andre Kuzniarek.

Sounds created with Mathematica 2.0

Blood on my Thumb

(6:42) (1991) [68mb] (mp3) (wav)
texts by George Jackson and Raymond Chandler
voices: Joe Grohens, Phil Johnson, Scott Midler, Andre Kuzniarek, and others.

Exploration of frequency modulation, implemented with Mathematica 2.0

Musical Scores (PDF files)

3 Compositions by Herbert Brün

“Infraudibles with Quintet (live)” by Herbert Brün (mp3)

“More Dust with Percussion”  by Herbert Brün (mp3)

“i toLD YOu so!” by Herbert Brün (mp3)