Stafford Beer:

  1. Designing Freedom
  2. Fanfare for Effective Freedom

Heinz von Foerster:

  1. Perception of the Future and The Future of Perception
  2. On Constructing a Reality
  3. Interview with Heinz von Foerster
  4. Thoughts and Notes on Cognition [extract]
  5. Disorder/Order: Discovery or Invention?
  6. Ethics and Second-Order Cybernetics 
  7. Cybernetics of Cybernetics 
  8. Communication Amongst Automata (1962)
  9. Biological Principles of Information Storage and Retrieval (1967)
  10. Perception of Form in Biological and Man-Made Systems (1962)
  11. Responsibilities of Competence (1972)
  12. Notes on An Epistemology For Living Things (1972)
  13. Heuristics: A Report on a Course on Knowledge Aquisition (1970)
  14. From Stimulus to Symbol: The Economy of Biological Computation (1966)
  15. Logical Structure of Environment and Its Internal Representation (BCL 096)
  16. Metaphysics of an Experimental Epistemologist (1996)
    (on Warren McCullough)
  17. Form: Perception, Representation and Symbolization (1962)

Warren Weaver: 

Recent Contributions to the Mathematical Theory of Communication

Claude Shannon:

 A Mathematical Theory of Communication (1948)

Norbert Wiener, Arturo Rosenblueth, and Julian Bigelow: 

Behavior, Purpose and Teleology (1943)

J.Y. Lettvin, H.R. Maturana, W.S. McCulloch, W.H. Pitts: 

What the Frog’s Eye Tells the Frog’s Brain (1959) 

Humberto Maturana:

  1. Cognitive Strategies (1974)
  2. Ontology of Observing (1988)
  3. The Nature of Time (1995)
  4. The Biology of Language (1978)
  5. Cognition (1978)
  6. Biology of Cognition (1970)

David Hawkins:

The Nature of Purpose (From Cybernetics of Cybernetics)

W. Ross Ashby:

  1. An Introduction to Cybernetics (complete book)
  2. The Contribution of Information Theory to Pathological Mechanisms in Psychiatry (BCL #164) [1968]

Gregory Bateson:

The Position of Humor in Human Communication (1952)

Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead:

Conversation with Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead (1976)

Conference Book of the 1984 Conference of The America Society for Cybernetics

Two Readings Packets for Inventing Systems (2017)