Readings that Matter to Me

Articles by Herbert Brün:

A complete set of articles written in English by the composer Herbert Brün

Michael Holloway: The Rocking House (8.5″ X 11″ pdf pages)

Marianne Brün:

Essays by Composers:

  • Mark Enslin
  • Susan Rose Parenti
  • Mark Sullivan
  • Stefan Wolpe
  • John Cage
  • Kenneth Gaburo
  • Iannis Xenakis
  • Morton Feldman
  • Arnold Schoenberg
  • Alban Berg
  • Pierre Boulez
  • Gottfried Michael Koenig
  • and others

Articles on Cybernetics:

  • Heinz von Foerster
  • Stafford Beer
  • W. Ross Ashby
  • Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver
  • Warren McCullough
  • Gregory Bateson
  • Margaret Mead
  • and others

Readings for Inventing Systems, Spring 2017

Frankfurt School Philosophers: Adorno, Benjamin, Marcuse

Kenneth Gaburo:

  • Performance of LA, May 3, 1988 at the University of Illinois [mp3 files]

Part 1 (mp3)

Part 2 (mp3)

Theater: Brecht, Franco Rame, David Greenspan, Daniel Berrigan

Writers: Arundhati Roy, Sherman Alexie, Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde, Franz Kafka, Heinrich von Kleist, Karl Kraus, Gertrude Stein, Tony Morrison, Kurt Vonnegut, Michael Holloway, Adrianne Rich, Jonathon Swift, James Joyce

Politics: Marianne Brün, Noam Chomsky, Eric Foner, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Friedrich Engles, Karl Marx, Leo Huberman, Bertrand Russell, Major General Smedley Butler, articles on Chile under Allende

Arun Chandra: Poetry for Puppets

Social Change of Music [2003-2004] Pictures from spring performance

Maledetto Score and Recording (files not found)

GREAT HYMN OF THANKSGIVING composed by Rick Burkhardt from H.P. Mendoza on Vimeo.