Aesthetics and Social Criticism

Walter Benjamin:

  1. The Work of Art in the Age of its Mechanical Reproduction (1935)
  2. The Storyteller

Theodor Adorno

  1. Education After Auschwitz
  2. Commitment (1962)
  3. Music and Language
  4. The Culture Industry (with Max Horkheimer)
  5. Elements of Aesthetics (with Hanns Eisler)

Theodor Adorno: Excerpts from The Authoritarian Personality

  1. Prejudice in the Interview Material
  2. Politics and Economics in the Interview Material
  3. Some Aspects of Religious Ideology in the Interview Material
  4. Types and Syndromes

Herbert Marcuse:

  1. Repressive Tolerance
  2. The Closing of the Universe of Discourse (from One-Dimensional Man)

Roland Barthes: Elements of Semiology (partial)