Visualizing Microbial Seascapes

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Small Organism Big Impact

People tend to not realize how microscopic organisms are affecting them. Copepods including the Acartia Torisa have a huge impact on the microbial loop. Without them the diversity of microbial life would not be so abundant. Organisms from the whale to the clown fish rely on Copepods for their survival. Without them there would be no seafood for the human population. Protoceratium Reticulatum is known for producing yesso toxin which can be administered through the digestion of shellfish. It is mixotrophic which means it photosynthesizes and ingest prey. In large blooms it makes all shellfish inedible for people and all other organisms. There are positive and negative effects of these organisms but the size of their bodies is unrelated to the size of their impact.

Acartia tonsa

Acartia tonsa


By: MW


Protoceratium reticulatum More commonly known as Red Tide

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