In addition to their Monograph Project animations, VMS students produced sequences while learning digital techniques, how to compose soundscapes and animate to them,  and how to use visual media to educate about marine biology topics as part of their winter quarter final projects. Below is a selection of these wonderful works.

Waterfall Waltz is a short animation by Helena Abernethy and Deborah Garrison that shares a slice of the wide variety of life on the Washington Coast.

This animation by Shawn Scott explains the concept of trophic cascades. It uses the Atlantic cod population off the coast of Canada as an example.

For sightless invertebrates filled with non-living jelly, cnidarians exhibit a number of remarkably complex evolutionary adaptations that allow them to thrive in a number of different environments. This video, by Clare Miller, explains the secrets to their success.

 An animation on the feeding process of the Pisaster ochraceus sea star, produced by Madeline Quarles.