One of the first faculty retreats featured Dick Nichols with “A History of Evergreen from Newspaper Headlines, ” a review of Evergreen’s founding and early history in local and state papers. Nichols was Director of Information Services from 1968-1976 and had the complicated job of explaining Evergreen to outside audiences. He highlights the first college on Cooper Point, the 1894 “The People’s University” founded by John Chaplin. While the video quality is variable, this vintage documentation contains glimpses of many early faculty and staff, including Charlie Teske, Charles McCann, Willie Unsoeld, Byron Youtz, Bill Alexander, LeRoi Pierre Smith, Nancy Taylor, Sid White, Earle McNeill, Dave Hitchens, Cruz Esquivel, Dean Clabaugh, Will Humphries, Monica Caufeld, Al Wiedemann, Merv Cadwallader, Fred Young, Carol Olena, Eric Larson, Phil Harding, Linda Kahan, Greg Stewe-Portnoff, Don Humphrey. The second section features Nichols in a 1990s commentary on his talk to the faculty and reflections on changes in Evergreen’s image since 1971.

Original Format: 1/2″ open reel video
(1971) Length 73:16
Produced by Evergreen Archives