Ceramics Studio

Arts Annex 1100
Ceramics Technician: 

Joelle Montez


My name is Joelle Montez (She/They) and I manage the ceramic studio at the Evergreen State College supporting faculty and students working with clay. I also teach ceramic classes in hand building, figure sculpture, and wheel throwing. The ceramic studio is managed with the help of my students employees who mix glazes, recycle clay and help inspire the creative studio arts community at Evergreen.

Joelle graduated from Evergreen in 2017 with a BA in ceramic arts and scientific illustration, and a BS in ecological sciences. She is an outdoor enthusiast and social awareness advocate, bringing her love of the natural world into her art practices. Joelle’s work can be seen around Olympia in local shops.  

Emily Adams

Printmaking /
Letterpress & Book Arts Studios

Lab II, Room 2225/2231; Lab II Room 0233

Printmaking Technician:

Emily Adams


Hi, I’m Emily, I use she/her pronouns. I’ve been working at the college since 2015. My purpose is to support you and your faculty in the Printmaking studio and the Letterpress & Book Arts studios. My job is to supply materials for purchase, provide safety orientation, teach instructional demonstrations on equipment, and schedule open studio hours. I am also the manager of student employees who work really hard to provide a safe and fun environment for you in these spaces. We are dedicated to facilitating an inclusive community that is welcoming of all races, genders, ethnic backgrounds, ages, and levels of experience in the arts. 

Emily earned her MFA in Design Studies from the School of Human Ecology at The University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015. She has a BFA in Fine Arts and Art History Minor from the Columbus College of Art & Design (2005). Emily is a dedicated working artist who is regularly involved in outreach, workshops, and residencies. For more, visit her website @ loulandunderground.com

Fine Metals

Lab II, Room 2214

Fine Metals Technician:

Pamela Davis


Pamela provides support for faculty, students, and student staff in the fine metals studio by providing materials for purchase, technical demonstrations, student aide hiring, and open studio scheduling. Please contact her directly with any inquiries.

Pamela Davis is the Fine Metals Instructional Technician for the Evergreen State College. She received her BA from Evergreen in 2015 with a focus on metalwork and ceramics. She has taught classes in both ceramics, metalsmithing, and fiber arts at Arbutus Folk School and the Evergreen State College. As sole proprietor of a jewelry line, she designs and creates all pieces as well as operating all aspects of the business. Before pursuing an art degree, she spent almost 2 decades working in independent bookstores and loves talking about and recommending books. She frequently shows art in the Pacific Northwest region.

Wood and Metal Shops

Art Annex 0111 and 0110

Don Jensen


My name is Don Jensen (he/him) and I’ve been managing the Wood and Metal shops at the Evergreen State College since 2010. We are committed to the providing a safe, accommodating, and all-inclusive environment in the three-dimensional arts. Students create amazing and beautiful work from wood, metals, found objects and recycled materials. Projects range from functional to ephemeral; miniature to grand scale. We support 3-D design, sculpture, furniture making, carving, sustainable construction techniques, instrument making, set props, casting, and metal working. Regardless of your skill or confidence level, age, or choice of media, we will support you in the fulfilling your creative vision. 
I received my Bachelor’s degree from Washington State University in Fine Arts, with emphases in sculpture and printmaking. I also studied Art History and British History and Literature at University of Sterling, at Sterling, Scotland. Related work experiences include fine woodworking, sculpture, bronze casting,  graphic design, video and music production, industrial plastics manufacturing, and homebuilding. Personal creative pursuits include fly fishing, and musical instruments. I thrive on helping people solve creative problems, and look forward to serving all those who come through the door. Please inquire about materials, scheduling, workshops, proficiency trainings or student hiring opportunities.


Visual Arts Operations Manager 

Michelle Pope



My name is Michelle Pope (she/her, they/them) and I have been the Visual Arts Operations Manager since 2010. I assist with the development and delivery of visual arts curriculum and support the studio staff in their roles and manage all of the visual arts facilities on campus. I also serve as the chair of the College Art and Advisory Committee, a committee of faculty, staff and students formed to consider acquisition and care of art on campus and as a Staff Instructor for Greener Foundations, a holistic first-year student success course designed to provide all our first-time, first-year students will all the skills and knowledge they need to start their educational path here at Evergreen.  

I graduated from Evergreen with my Bachelor of Arts in 2001. I studied visual art as a student, utilizing all of the amazing arts studios at one time or another along my path and still practice art making today. In my career path I’ve been a glassblower, a carpenter, and an Executive Director of an architectural salvage business. I presently serve as the Co-Chair of the Olympia Artspace Alliance, a non-profit organization that advocates for affordable live, work and exhibition space for artists here in Olympia.  

Evergreen is a very special place…I feel fortunate to work here and am proud to be a Greener Grad. I love helping student navigate their path and achieve their goals.