The Fine Metals studio consists of four rooms. The main bench room contains soldering/annealing stations, a buffing wheel, anvil, both an electric and manual rolling mill, a draw bench, a sandblaster, and equipment for cutting, grinding, and drilling. The main bench room leads to both the enameling room and the casting room. The enameling room hosts four kilns and is stocked with transparent and opaque enamels. The casting room contains a vacuum caster, a centrifugal caster, a burn-out kiln, and an oxy-acetylene torch. The smithing room is located across the hall from the main bench room and has an extensive selection of stakes and hammers, and a fume hood for chemical patina work.

The studio is located on the second floor of the Lab 2 building in room 2214. In addition to equipment and tools that support student curriculum in basic metalsmithing skills, the studio hosts facilities to accommodate in-depth studies in lost wax casting and kiln fired enameling amongst other specialized techniques. Students working in the fine metals studio can expect to develop a range of techniques suitable for exploring ideas from adornment to creating small-scale sculpture. Inquiries about the Fine Metals Studio can be directed to the Fine Metals Instructional Support Technician, Pamela Davis.

Some metalsmithing materials are available for purchase. For an example of items see the link here. Please note, silver prices are market based and fluctuate on a regular basis. For a current price, check with the Fine Metals Instructional Support Technician.

Lab II Building, Room 2214

Upcoming Programs in Fine Metals