2-D and 3-D Studios

We have five large studios built with flexibility in mind to accommodate programmatic needs each quarter as well as one studio dedicated to students pursuing advanced work through Individual Learning Contracts. Large sinks, tall ceilings with bright task lighting, work tables, easels and more, make experimentation with a wide variety of materials and mediums possible. Students enrolled in programs using these spaces have nearly 24/7 access and are encouraged to develop strong personal ideas along with the skills and language to express them by working independently and collaboratively in the studio.

Critique/Presentation Spaces

There are three large multi-use spaces available to Visual and Media Art students for critique sessions, presentations and temporary installations. In these spaces, students have the opportunity to take their work out of the studio and display it in a gallery type setting, where they develop visual literacy skills through critically analyzing their work and by creating presentations that effectively communicate content.

The Seminar II Critique Room (E-4115), is a multi-use space ideal for classes, critiques, performances and shows. Located on the fourth floor of the ā€œEā€ cluster (closest in proximity to the bus-loop), it is approximately 40 x 80 feet (max. capacity approx. 45), making it currently the largest room on campus for art critique and display. E-4115 has a fully-equipped A/V room, a 15-foot retractable projection screen, and a theatre-quality lighting system. 

The Arts Annex Critique room (2104) is located on the second floor of the Arts Annex and is in close proximity to the majority of the 2D and 3D studios.  This room can seat approximately 30 people and has a mounted projector and retractable projection screen. This large, open space is ideal for slide show/video presentations.  Track lighting and sculpture podiums are also available, making this a great room for smaller groups.

Our 3-D Design studio is located on the middle floor of the Arts Annex building (1114).  This room was designed with flexibility in mind and serves as additional classroom space and/or a space for multimedia presentations. There are tables and chairs enough to accommodate up to 50 students, additionally, there is a stainless-steel sink, projection screen and retractable projection screen within the space.