What does it mean to be an artist today, tomorrow and thirty years from now? Professional Practices for Artists looks at and potentially challenges the rules and systems within the art world to help you create your own dialog for maintaining a practice that is both engaging and financially viable.

Topics will include career options for creative professionals; writing cover letters, resumes, and CVs, as well as artist statements and press releases; creating portfolios; preparing for a studio visit; planning exhibitions in traditional and non-traditional exhibition spaces; working with nonprofit organizations, galleries, dealers, agents, and consultants; writing proposals and grants; dealing with contracts, agreements, and other legal issues; participating in residencies and public art projects; forming formal and loose collectives; creating and maintaining an online presence; and creating and maintaining a community.

Through guided personal research, class discussions, and interactions with guests artists and guest art-world professionals, students will develop and present a basic professional portfolio that includes a cover letter, CV, artist statement, bio, and project packet.