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Evidence Confirms Health Benefits of an Ancient Chinese Sweetness!

A staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, ‘goji berries’ have recently received a lot of attention in science communities worldwide, and for good reason!

Deadly Nightshade: Not So Deadly After All?

Poison-tipped arrows. Royal assassinations. European witchcraft. Ritual suicide. Throughout humanity’s history, the aptly named Deadly Nightshade, also known scientifically as Atropa belladonna, has had a reputation as a natural killer. The name “Atropa” in Atropa belladonna derives from the Greek… Continue Reading →

Henbane: Witch’s Drug

Hyoscyamus niger, known commonly as henbane, is a plant whose multifaceted nature has a long history of use in Europe. 

Herald to the Angels’ trumpets- Exploring the many faces of Brugmansia sauveolens

Shamanic healing, Psychic Visions and drug experimentation, Oh my!

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