Portrait of Lucia Harrison

About the artist: Lucia Harrison is a visual artist and Faculty Emeriti at The Evergreen State College where she taught in interdisciplinary art/science programs and engaged her students in restoration work along the Nisqually River. She is the recipient of the E-3 Washington 2012 Green Apple Award for Excellence in Education (Higher Education) and the 2011 Nisqually River Council Spark Plug Award for extraordinary energy and dedication to the mission of the Nisqually River Council. She believes that combining visual art, science, and environmental education is a vehicle to win hearts and minds for river conservation. Lucia created the puzzle based on her observations at Red Salmon Creek, Braget Marsh, and the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. She painted the 32 watercolor illustrations. Her artwork draws attention to the natural and human history of South Puget Sound in Washington State. Her website is luciaharrison.com.