Red Flowering Currant Color Magic Book by Lucia Harrison

Download and Assembly Instructions. 

I.  Gather Supplies

  1. Scissors or Utility Knife and Cutting Mat
  2. 12-18″ Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. 2 sheets of legal-size paper — white or ivory works best.

II.  Download the Print PDFs

     1.  Download and Print the two-sided color booklet.  Click here to download  ColorRedFlowCurrBookletSide1and2

  • Use “scale to fit” — “print entire image” in printable area.  
  • Use legal-size paper on the best quality setting.
  • Center the image.
  •  Choose the two-sided feature on your printer or simply feed the printer manually. Use the short edge binding.
Red Flowering Currant Booklet, Side 1

Red Flowering Currant Booklet, Side 2

     2.  Download and Print out Insert Cards.  Click here to download insert cards:  ColorRedFlowCurInsertCard

  • Use one-sided legal-size paper
  • Use highest quality print settings.
  • Print at 100%.  Don’t use “scale to fit.” 
Red Flowering Currant Insert Cards (both print on one side of a legal sized paper)

III.  Assemble Accordion Book

You can follow the instructions below or download the instructions.  Click here to download instructions:  ColorRedFlowCurrBookDownloadAssemblyInstructions-1

     1.  Trim 1/8″ along the short edges of the page. (Note that the printer uses this 1/8″ in on each side to feed the paper into the printer.

     2.  Fold paper in half, “hamburger-style” with the side with the animals on the outside and the title page on the inside.

Booklet folded in half

     3.  Fold the first side toward the center fold.

     4.  Turn the book over and fold the other edge to the center fold.

     5.  Unfold booklet

Unfolded booklet, animal side up showing gray shapes

     6.  Cut out gray shapes with scissors or utility knife.

     7.  It will look like this when the gray shapes are cut out:

Booklet when gray shapes are cut out

     8.  Refold the accordion booklet so that the title page is on the front.

Folded booklet with title page on the front

     9.  Gather the printout of the two cards that will be inserted into the magic book.

Print out of the two cards that will be inserted into the booklet.

     10.  Cut out the cards by removing the gray shapes.

     11.  Fold each card in half “hamburger style” along the fold line shown above.

     12.  Return to the accordion fold book shown in step 8.  Open it.  Weave Card 1 over Steller’s Jay, under Zephry Butterfly Larva, over Spotted Towhee and under Rufous Hummingbird.  If it is too difficult to insert the card, you can trim a bit off of the right hand (non-folded) side of the card.

Weaving Card 1 into the accordion book

     13.  Turn the page and fold the Steller’s Jay and Spotted Towhee flaps to the right side.  You will see two new slots:

     14.  Slip Card 2 into the two new slots, behind the Steller’s Jay and Spotted Towhee.  If this is too difficult, trim a bit off the right-hand, non-fold, side.  It also helps to keep the flaps straight.

Weaving in Card 2

     15.  Close the book so the back cover is facing up:

Back Cover of Red Flowering Currant Booklet

     16.  Open the right-hand folded edge to reveal a hidden magic pocket.  The pocket contains information about the plant and animal interactions.

     17.  This is the information the artist gathered.  If you would like to improve your plant and animal identification skills, then do your own hand-coloring and research about the relationship between native plants and animals.  Download the black and white magic book for the plant you would like to study.  Click here to make another magic book.