Salary: $55,036.80 – $69,617.60 Annually
Location: Mason County, WA
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Number: 202300030
Opening Date: 06/14/2023

This classification is for an entry level specialist responsible for providing information and support for the general public and a broad base of regulated clients, and may manage one of more environmental health programs. Services provided include communicating information on sanitation, protecting the public from environmental hazards, interpreting environmental laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines. Incumbents perform field work, provide public education, and enforce code compliance in one or more environmental health program areas with technical oversight from more senior Environmental Health Specialists and under the supervision of the Environmental Health Manager. 

Examples of Duties
Coordinate activities within an assigned geographical area for the on-site program, or county-wide for one or more other environmental health program areas. Coordination will include performing the following functions:

  • Interpret federal, state, and local regulations relating to environmental health programs
  • Review applications and designs for compliance with policies and codes. Examples of such applications and designs include those for plats, subdivisions, SEPA, solid waste sites, septic permits, school plans, public water systems, and building permits. 
  • Evaluate regulated sites and facilities for compliance with policies and codes.  Examples of such sites and facilities include new building sites, existing on-site systems, public schools, public water contact facilities, food service establishments.
  • Monitor regulated activities for compliance with policies and codes.  Examples of such activities include the installation and operation of on-site sewage systems and the construction of wells. 
  • Educate and assist the clients and customers regarding those permitting and construction processes that are within local environmental health jurisdiction.
  • Assist the public with questions and concerns regarding possible environmental health violations.
  • Investigate complaints and institute correction notices or penalties
  • Sample, test and analyze substances for determination of components and characteristics
  • Regular, reliable and punctual attendance. 
  • Prepare reports and correspondence
  • Maintain data base information on processes
  • Other duties relevant to environmental health assigned by the supervisor

The incumbent is expected to perform competently all routine, non-complex work within their program areas and seek assistance from more senior environmental health staff with more complex work.  Examples of more complex work include the review of more complex plans and designs, interpretation of difficult or contradictory regulatory requirements, and evaluation of difficult and complex building sites.

In addition, the incumbent is expected to have a working knowledge of other programs in which they have received cross training, and have the ability to perform competently routine work in those programs.
This classification requires the incumbent to interpret a broad array of complex laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to matters of local environmental jurisdiction, and to have to ability to effectively communicate the information, as well as its technical and scientific basis, with their clients and customers. The incumbent is expected to operate from established policies, practices, and procedures for accomplishing required work in an effective and efficient manner. Errors can result in illness and/or injury to the public, lawsuits and public dissatisfaction. Backup systems for error detection and avoidance include established laws and regulations, departmental policies, past practices, peer assistance, and evaluation and review of decisions by the Environmental Health Manager. 
Incumbents in this classification communicate on a regular basis with their customers and clients, who include: the general public, property owners, land developers, water and septic system designers and contractors, the owners and operators of regulated facilities and industries, and technical and regulatory personnel from other federal, state, and local departments and agencies.  Incumbents are expected to provide their clients and customers with technical information, accurate interpretations, and effective dispute resolution. 
SPECIFIC JOB SKILLS: Incumbents are required to have a knowledge of the laws, regulations, and technical components of their area of responsibility, enabling them to:

  • Perform their duties accurately and in a timely manner
  • Maintain confidentiality of information
  • Make accurate mathematical calculations
  • Produce professional-quality correspondence
  • Use good judgment in interpreting laws and regulations
  • Perform their duties with an understanding of the balance existing between the regulatory needs of public health and the freedom/privacy needs of the individual
  • Understand and effectively communicate highly technical data
  • Interpret technical drawings and designs
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with all other clients and customers

Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a life science or environmental health or a related field. Incumbents are required to have a good driving record. Two (2) years’ experience in one (1)  or more environmental health program areas. A Master’s Degree in Environmental or Public Health may substitute for two (2) years’ experience, provided the applicant demonstrates all knowledge, skills, and abilities required by the position.

Valid WA State Driver’s License

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