This 1997 video, produced by Evergreen staff member, Marge Brown and Provost, Barbara Leigh Smith, documents the history and invaluable legacy of women who have helped shape the path of this institution. Their compelling stories relate some of the struggles faced by woman during those early years and how these struggles led to a number of successes achieved by women at Evergreen. The video features many of Evergreen’s founding “mothers” including Maxine Mimms, Llyn De Danaan, Susan Fiksdal, Jeanne Hahn, Betty Ruth Estes, Marilyn Frasca, Carolyn Dobbs, Nancy Taylor, Betsy Diffendal, Nancy Allen and Barbara Leigh Smith.

Original Format: 3/4 inch video
(1997) 29:24
Produced by Marge Brown for The Evergreen State College