History From the Evergreen Vaults was created for The Evergreen Visual History Collection in collaboration with KAOS Olympia’s Community radio station. Each of the four parts addresses a theme of the college‚Äôs history. Jesse Callahan, a 2009 Evergreen graduate wrote, produced, and hosted the show. Evergreen students contributed the instrumental background. Episode 3 features at the history of women at Evergreen as told by its faculty and staff. Featured faculty include Llyn DeDanaan, Nancy Taylor, Jeanne Hahn, Carolyn Dobbs, Betty Ruth Estes, Susan Fiksdal, Barbara Leigh Smith, Betsy Diffendal, The second half of this episode focuses on two important Evergreen women: the founder of Evergreen State at Tacoma, Dr. Maxine Mimms and the creator of Evergreen’s Reservation-Based Native Studies Program, Mary Hillaire.

(2009) Length 29:00
Produced by Jesse Callahan