Beginning with a look at the political and cultural context of the founding of the college, this 1976 film documents and evaluates Evergreen’s growth as an alternative institution of higher education at the time in interviews with faculty, students, and staff about community, evaluations of students and faculty, curriculum planning, and the future of the college. The broad range of opinions of Evergreen’s early years offer a complex picture of the college. Featured faculty include: Linda Kahan, Byron Youtz, Rudy Martin, Larry Eickstadt, Merv Cadwallader, Tom Rainey, Richard Jones, Chuck Pailthorp, Betty Ruth Estes, Matt Smith, Beryl Crowe, Charles McCann, David Powell, Chuck Nisbet, Bob Sluss, Ed Kormondy, Kathleen O’Shaunessy, Will Humphries, Leo Daugherty, Stephanie Coontz, Peta Henderson, Sid White, David Marr, Pricilla Bowerman, and Bill Aldridge.

Original Format: 16mm
(1976) Length 21:11
Produced by Matthew J Hansel for The Evergreen State College