Faculty and staff discuss components of Evergreen’s pedagogical philosophy: interdisciplinary study teaching and learning, a student-centered curriculum, the public nature of teaching and learning, students’ responsibility for learning, narrative evaluations, faculty seminar. This 1989 project led to a larger project for the Office of Institutional Research called Ways of Knowing (available in the Library Archives.) The video documents examples of learning in the classroom, faculty offices, studios, Red Square, and even in student housing. It features interviews with students and faculty Rudy Martin, Susan Aurand, Andrew Hanfmann, Llyn DeDanaan, Marilyn Frasca, Charlie Teske, Niels Skov, Judy Cushing, Rob Knapp, Jean Mandeberg, Hugo Flores (as a student), Byron Youtz, Don Finkel, Marge Brown, Allegra Hinkle, Maxine Mimms, Joye Hardiman, Marge Brown.

Original Format: 3/4 inch video
(1989) Length 43:43
Produced by Dominque Sepser for The Evergreen State College