This is  a digital video project about the work of Pacific  Northwest artist,  Cappy Thompson and her process of creating a large scale public art piece (the largest painted glass window in existence)for the Sea-Tac airport addition. The documentary explores Thompson’s unique relationship to the function of narrative  andautobiography in glass art as well as her interest in dreams and mythology and her methods of incorporating  diverse inspirations for her glass work (including Sufistories, Persian folktales and Native American myths). The painting and fabrication  of the 90 ‘ x 33’piece was completed at a family-run   glass studio in Germany. The film  was shot in Seattle andTaunusstein-Wehen, Germany and incorporates digital video, digital stills,  and time lapse videography. Thompson is an Evergreen Alumna (1976).  Other alums worked on this film including Peter Randlette (Co-Producer) and Gretchen Langheld (Original Music). Sally Cloninger (Member of the Faculty) directed; Allegra Hinkle (EM Staff and Adjunct Faculty) was second camera.

(2004) 33:00
Produced by Sally Cloninger and Peter Randlette