Faculty and staff joined their colleagues and facilitators Marilyn Frasca, Larry Eickstaedt, and David Whitener on Squaxin Island for a 1994 summer institute sponsored by a grant from the PEW Charitable Trust. This visual documentation of the field study shows participants camped together for several days on the island, drawing, writing, and studying the natural environment. Participating faculty include Brian Price, Llyn DeDanaan, George Freeman, Jr., Rainer Hasenstab, Sally Cloninger, Jeanne Hahn, Masao Sugiyama, Laurie Meeker, Susan Aurand, Doranne Crable, Bob Woods, and Matt Smith; participating staff included Steve Hunter, Bob Cillo and Kate Crowe. Laurie Meeker recorded additional interviews with the lead faculty in 2008.

Original Formats: Super 8 film and Hi-8 analog video.
(1994 and 2008) Length 24:30
Produced by Marilyn Frasca, Laurie Meeker and Sally Cloninger