Job Type: Student / postdoc
Salary Details: Approx – $50,000 annually
Deadline: Sep 18, 2023


The research associate will be responsible for working with multiple partners to lead field research in the estuarine environment. Field data collection will be focused on quantifying living shoreline restoration effectiveness across three estuaries in Northwest Florida. There will also be opportunities to engage in additional projects secured by the SASJBEP, provide expertise and input to future research projects, and gain training and experience in relevant areas. Duties and Responsibilities: A primary responsibility of the position will be to work closely with research staff to maintain and implement field-based data acquisition in all three estuaries.

Work with the Director, Estuary Program Scientist, and post-doctoral researcher to standardize data collection methodologies to answer specific questions outlined in the research proposals. The research associate will conduct field data collection including trailering and operating vessels in shallow water, busy water traffic, and less-than-ideal environmental conditions. The research associate will also coordinate the transfer of field samples to proper laboratories for further analysis.

Work with Executive Director, Estuary Program Scientist, Post-doctoral researcher, and partners to perform data entry, QAQC processes for newly collected data and assist the post-doctoral researcher with existing data in need of standardization. Work with staff to manage geospatial data and conduct geospatial analysis.

Provide leadership with field research through a collaborative environment with minimal oversight while requesting guidance as needed and following provided guidance. Work with Estuary Program staff to set soft deadlines necessary to meet larger hard deadlines for grant and program requirements. 
Work with Estuary Program staff to develop new processes and procedures to collect field data and spatial data.

Additional duties include:

  • Problem-solve research challenges and data analysis individually
  • Contribute discrete and non-discrete components of a larger project under the direction of the Estuary Scientist and Executive Director in collaboration with project partners.
  • Analyze, interpret, and document research findings for review both historic and newly acquired.
  • Evaluate existing research or modeling techniques and recommend improvements to ensure quality and productivity.
  • Assist in the preparation of proposals and reports.


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