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The Smithsonian’s MarineGEO program seeks a postdoctoral scholar to advance a new
project synthesizing scientific evidence on how biodiversity affects marine ecosystem
functioning and resilience, in support of U.S. marine resource managers and decision
makers. The Postdoc will join a multidisciplinary leadership team, working with PIs Emmett
Duffy (Smithsonian), Gabrielle Canonico (U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System and
MBON) and Steven Scyphers (University of South Alabama), and a task force of experts
and managers exploring the role of biodiversity in U.S.
marine socialecological systems.
Research context: A wealth of evidence confirms that changing biodiversity can strongly
affect the functioning of ecosystems, but these advances have not widely influenced
management and conservation. This project will convene a diverse, collaborative team to
help ‘operationalize’ the functional roles of marine biodiversity by identifying key
components of biodiversity, resilience, and their interactions that can inform practical
decision making in U.S. marine management. The work is supported by the Lenfest Ocean
Program, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, and the Angell Foundation.

Position description: The postdoc will be a key member of the project team, coleading
design of specific project research components, data analysis, and interpretation, with the
opportunity to lead resulting MSs and products. As such,
we welcome applicants from all
fields of study focused on marine socialecological systems. Research activities include
data mining, data synthesis, modelling, and participation in stakeholder interviews.
postdoc will have opportunities to learn skills in a highly integrative socialecological milieu,
including sophisticated modeling approaches, mind mapping, stakeholder engagement,
and interactions between western science and traditional and local ecological knowledge.