Salary: $56,676.00 – $76,188.00 Annually
Location: Thurston County – Olympia, WA
Job Type: Full Time – Permanent
Closing Date: 9/18/2023 11:59 PM Pacific

Are you interested in a career that allows you to research and document the natural resource real estate portfolio of Washington for the benefit of current and future generations? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for finding creative solutions to complex land transaction challenges? Are you highly competent and passionate about real estate title and land use encumbrances?

You may be the very one we are looking for to join us as one of our key resources for researching, examining, interpreting, determining and managing the State of Washington, Department of Natural Resources (DNR), State Uplands Real Estate Ownership and Encumbrance records for approximately 3 million acres of public lands. These records include, but are not limited to, real property title deeds, right-of-way easements, real property leases, timber and other natural resource commodity sales, land use agreement licenses and permits, clean energy leases, water rights, trespasses and other related title encumbrances. Thus position performs complex research and analysis of real estate title records for existing State Uplands properties and for new properties being acquired by DNR. Makes complex decisions, engages in collaborative consulting, recommends solutions and initiates corrective action when errors or insufficiencies are found. Evaluates and provides peer review of fellow Title & Records Office team members’ comprehensive reports of findings, aka Record Search Reports, fee simple ownership, applicable encumbrances, ownership rights and additional notes of interest discovered through their complex title searches. 



  • Independently plans, organizes and conducts complex and advanced-level real property title research, examination, investigation, analysis and clearance, acquisition and severance of fee interest ownership rights, benefits and issues affecting upland property owned and managed by the State of Washington, Department of Natural Resources for the purpose of new and existing State Uplands real estate acquisition, transfer, exchange, disposition and land use transactions. Majority of such lands are forested, agricultural, commercial, recreational and natural conservation preserves.
  • Collaborates with DNR’s Engineering Division, State Land Survey Office, to ensure unique GIS Parcel ID Numbers are accurately assigned to newly acquired DNR State Uplands real estate or to existing DNR State Uplands real estate when parcels require further separation or distinction. Investigates, analyzes and fulfills new title examination requests received from customers including, but not limited to DNR Program Managers in Acquisitions & Divestitures and Timber Sales (Strategic Planning Office), Recreation & Conservation Division, Product Sales & Leasing Division (PSLD), Engineering Division-Rights of Way (ED-ROW), and with DNR Executive Management and Commissioner of Public Lands and with DNR Region Land Managers and staff throughout the state.
  • Directly interacts with fellow team member peers, support staff and the manager of the Title & Records Office.
  • Initiates and responds to contact, and collaborates, with external real estate owning parties such, on the state level with WA State Department of Transportation; WA Department of Fish & Wildlife; WA State Parks; Department of Corrections; Department of Social & Health Services; Department of Veteran Affairs; Department of Ecology etc.; and on the Federal level with US Department of the Interior; US Bureau of Land Management; and with real estate industry professionals such as title and escrow companies; and 39 different county auditors’, assessors’, clerks’ and treasurers’ offices throughout the state.
  • Engages in direct interaction with its customers by discussing, communicating, recommending and negotiating key requirements and legalities of correct and complete verbiage to include deeds, contracts, applications and other documents, regarding real property legal descriptions, surveys, locations, geodetic data, spatial imagery, etc.
  • Evaluates and provides peer review of fellow Title & Records Office team members’ comprehensive reports of findings, aka Record Search Reports, fee simple ownership, applicable encumbrances, ownership rights and additional notes of interest discovered through their complex title searches.
  • Focuses on requests requiring a higher level of identification, interpretation, problem solving and negotiating of solutions for issues that have reached an impasse relative to title clearance.  Follows state laws (RCWs) and rule (WACs), Agency and Title Records Office policies, procedures and guidelines, including bargaining agreements, and the concepts and general practices of real estate contract law.
  • Prepares and maintains official set of state land records for the State of Washington, Department of Natural Resources, portfolio of upland real property by managing the indexing, content and integrity of the agency’s proprietary enterprise-content-management software application called ApplicationXtender (AX) aka Automated Tract Book (ATB)/  AX ATB contains ALL DNR State Uplands real estate purchase, exchange, transfer and disposition transactions.
  • Supports the Business Program Administrator, in collaboration with the Agency’s IT Division staff, to maintain the AX ATB enterprise-level electronic content management software program. AX ATB contains current and historical data, information and document images, essential to examining and managing DNR’s real property state-lands portfolio.  
  • Identifies and corrects technical content errors or omissions, in current and historical land records documents, both hardcopy and electronic, related to the Automated Tract Book (ATB) system; Deed File Register; Application Register, individual contracts, transactions, etc. Informs the Manager, of the Title & Records Office, and the affected Division, Program or Region Managers and staff, of such edits and corrections made. Executes quality control review of official records and reconciles same as warranted.
  • Performs complex comprehensive research, complete with findings and recommendations, for special projects involving real estate ownership, encumbrance and land use matters, assigned by the Title & Records Office Manager; the Engineering Division Manager; the Deputy Supervisor for State Uplands, and the DNR Executive Management Team.
  • Compiles own research findings and prepares professional Record Search Reports confirming real Estate ownership and encumbrances on DNR owned and managed state land and possible appurtenant easement right of way over private lands. Disseminates their Record Search Reports to the requesting DNR Program Managers and Staff and DNR Region Managers and Staff.
  • Researches DNR state uplands ownership and encumbrance records, in Response to Public Records Disclosure Requests to locate, identify and determine which records are responsive to the requestors’ demands for pertinent records.  Collaborates with DNR’s Agency Records and Public Records Manager   and staff members, and with the State Attorney General’s Office, Assistant Attorney Generals and staff, to clarify and ensure all requested records managed by this position, and responsive to the request or case, are identified, preserved and furnished in the exact manner specified.
  • Follows state laws (RCWs) and rules (WACs), Agency and Title Records Office policies, procedures and guidelines, including bargaining agreements, and the concepts and general practices of real estate contract law.
  • Applies laws, methods and principles of real estate ownership deeds, transactions, contracts and negotiations. Consults with and requests professional or legal analysis by the Office of the Attorney General or professional land surveyor. Prepares concise legal service requests for management review. Confers and collaborates with the attorney or surveyor to review, interpret, resolve and/or clarify ownership, legal descriptions, and encumbrances affecting the DNR owned and managed state upland.
  • Provides comprehensive and accurate reports, both verbally and in writing. Identifies, recommends and implements process changes as needed.
  • Utilizes various resources and tools, including hardcopy documents and files, as well as, electronic digital documents and files contained in the ApplicationXtender (AX) Automated Tract Book (ATB) software database, which is an enterprise content management platform containing DNR’s land ownership and encumbrance records; electronic Land Deed Register; electronic Application Register; Esri GIS spatial maps and geo-data software application; LAMS fka NaturE software database; county auditors and assessors offices’ online property ownership and tax records databases; private title insurance companies online resources; proprietary DNR land records and publicly recorded land records; agency intranet resources sites contained in SharePoint; etc.
  • Primary tools utilized include:
    • ApplicationXtender-Automated Tract Book (AX-ATB) Software
    • Esri GIS spatial data and maps GIS Software
    • Google Earth Pro Software
    • LAMS fka SAP GUI NaturE Software
    • Original Deed Files
    • Original Transactions Files
    • Original Encumbrance Activities Files
    • Transportation Books
    • Microfilm and Microfiche
    • Various Government & Private Sector Websites & GeoData Sources
    • Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Outlook & PowerPoint Software Programs
    • Microsoft Web Browsers such as Edge and Chrome
  • Performs all work in a timely, proficient, technically accurate and professional manner.
  • Represents the Title & Records Office and participates in meetings, committees, work group, training sessions and subject matter expert presentations.
  • Supervises and Leads Subordinate Title & Records Office Staff Performing DNR State Uplands Title and Encumbrance Records Management Duties.
    • Assigns and reviews daily work delegated to and performed by direct-report subordinate staff and monitors completion of their work for thoroughness, accuracy, and timeliness to meet deadlines.
    • Proactively and effectively monitors, mentors, evaluates, and reports on employees’ overall job performance and interpersonal communications with internal and external parties.

Required Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree involving major study in business or public administration, real estate, economics, accounting, or geodetic science or related field. AND two (2) years’ or more professional real estate experience in property acquisition, sales, leasing, appraisal, title examination, escrow closing, negotiations, property management, relocation assistance and/or real estate appraisal.
    OR one (1) or more years’ experience as a Property and Acquisition Specialist 2
    OR a combination of equivalent education and/or experience.
  • Critical thinking skills to analyze and resolve issues.
  • Competent and effective communication and negotiation skills.
  • Proficient computer skills to include a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Teams.
  • DNR Core Competencies: 
    • Personal Accountability 
    • Value Others 
    • Compassionate Communication 
    • Inspire Others 
    • Commitment to Excellence 

Special Requirements and Conditions of Employment:

  • In-Office: Professional Office Environment (Desks, Cubicles, Conference Rooms, Records Vault) with traditional seated-at-desk workstation or standing-at-desk workstation.
    Out-of-office: Teleworking from a remote location is an option, when and as determined by the Direct Supervisor, and all requirements and protocols of DNR’s telework Policy are adhered to. Teleworking may be a hybrid arrangement with designated In-Office days/hours combined with designated Out-of-Office days/hours

Desired Qualifications: 

  • Real Estate Agent/Broker Experience
  • Real Estate Title/Escrow Company Experience
  • Real Estate Attorney (Licensed/Admitted to State Bar either previously or currently
  • GIS/Geo-Data Software Experience

Application Requirements:

  • To be considered you must apply online at
  • Attach a letter of interest describing how your experience and qualifications relate to the position profile and the position required, desired and special requirements.
  • Attach a resume describing your experience and qualifications.
  • Provide three to five professional references – you may attach a document, use the References text field in the online application, or include with resume.
  • Important: Do not attach any documents that include photos or private information (social security number, year of birth, etc.).
  • Complete all supplemental questions.
  • Candidates that move forward in the recruitment process will be contacted via email from with interview information/scheduling instructions. Please monitor the email listed in your application materials and check your junk email folder to ensure you receive those communications.

For more information and to apply:

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