Salary: $55,872.00 – $75,120.00 Annually
Location: Thurston County – Lacey, WA
Job Type: Full Time – Permanent
Remote Employment: Flexible/Hybrid
Job Number: 2023-WQ0734-05878
Department: Dept. of Ecology
Division: Water Quality
Opening Date: 05/04/2023
Closing Date: Continuous

The Water Quality program within the Department of Ecology is looking to fill a Senior Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Specialist/Team Lead (Environmental Specialist 4) position. This position is located in our Southwest Region Office in Lacey, WA. Upon hire, you must live within a commutable distance from the duty station.

Are you passionate about protecting and restoring water quality in the Puget Sound watersheds for aquatic life and human health? Interested in leading a team of environmental specialists who work to identify and correct pollution concerns? Have interests working with conservation partners to carry out water quality improvement projects? Or just love the idea of being outdoors helping to preserve Washington’s natural resources? The mission of the Water Quality Program is to protect and restore Washington’s waters to support healthy watersheds and communities. Our work ensures state waters can support beneficial uses including recreational and business activities, supplies for clean drinking water, and the protection of fish, shellfish, wildlife, and public health.      

Tele-work options for this position: This position will be eligible for up to a 90% tele-work schedule. Applicants with questions about position location options, tele-work, and flexible or compressed schedules are encouraged to reach out to the contact person listed below in “other information.” Schedules are dependent upon position needs and are subject to change.

Application Timeline: This position will remain open until filled, we will review applications on May 17, 2023. In order to be considered, please submit an application on or before May 16, 2023. If your application isn’t received by this date, it may not be considered. The agency reserves the right to make a Hire any time after the initial screening date. 

This is a team lead position working closely with fellow Nonpoint Source Water Quality Specialists in the 12-county region to prevent and control water pollution. We work through various avenues to achieve our goals, including education and outreach, providing technical assistance, conducting water quality monitoring, and issuing enforcement actions, if necessary. Ultimately, we are regulators striving to protect our natural resources for aquatic life and human health.

What you will do: 
You will be the region-wide team lead, responsible for assigning, instructing, checking, evaluating, and correcting the work for the region’s Nonpoint Source Pollution Environmental Specialists. You will work to help the team reach consistent water quality improvement goals. This will include:

  • Assigning priority watershed and compliance work,
  • Instructing proper enforcement actions and follow up,
  • Reviewing and approving watershed implementation work-plans,
  • Coordinating and evaluating region-wide water quality monitoring efforts, and overseeing state and federal grant reporting requirements for the team and correcting submittals as necessary.

Required Qualifications:
Years of required experience indicated below are full-time equivalent years. Full-time equivalent experience means that any experience where working hours were less than 40 hours per week will be prorated in order to meet the equivalency of full-time. We would calculate this by looking at the total hours worked per week, divide this by 40, and then multiply by the total number of months worked. Examples of the proration calculations are:

  • 30 hours worked per week for 20 months: (30/40) x 20 months = 15 months full-time equivalent
  • 20 hours worked per week for 12 months: (20/40) x 12 months = 6 months full-time equivalent

Experience for both required and desired qualifications can be gained through various combinations of formal professional employment, education, and volunteer experience. See below for how you may qualify.

Nine (9) years of combined experience and/or education: 
  • Education: Involving major study in environmental, physical, or one of the natural sciences, environmental planning or other allied field.

  • Experience: In environmental analysis or control or environmental planning. 

All experience and education combinations that meet the requirements for this position:

Possible Combinations College credit hours or degree Years of required experience
Combination 1 No college credit hours or degree 9 years of experience
Combination 2 30-59 semester or 45-89 quarter credits. 8 years of experience
Combination 3 60-89 semester or 90-134 quarter credits (AA degree). 7 years of experience
Combination 4 90-119 semester or 135-179 quarter credits. 6 years of experience
Combination 5  A Bachelor’s Degree 5 years of experience
Combination 6  A Master’s Degree 3 years of experience
Combination 7 A PhD 2 years of experience

Two years of experience as an Environmental Specialist 3 at the Department of Ecology

Special Requirements/Conditions of Employment:

  • Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.

Desired Qualifications:
We highly encourage you to apply even if you do not have some (or all) of the desired experience below.

  • Experience or training with environmental enforcement.
  • Experience leading a project or team 
  • Experience using mediation tools or techniques, or mediation training. 
  • GIS experience or certification.
  • Experience or training with water quality sampling.
  • Experience working in an agricultural setting.

Note: Having some (or all) of this desired experience may make your application more competitive in a highly competitive applicant pool.

Other Information
If you have specific questions about the position, please email Sheila Marcoe at: Please do not contact Sheila to inquire about the status of your application. To request the full position description: email

Application Instructions
It’s in the applicant’s best interest to submit all of the documents listed below. Applications without these documents may be declined.

  • A cover letter describing why you are interested in this position.
  • A resume outlining your experience and education (if applicable) as it relates to the minimum qualifications of this position.
  • A list of three professional references.

For more information and to apply:

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