Job Type: Permanent
Salary Details: $45,000 – $60,000 annually
Start:  9/25/23 or sooner
Full-Time: Monday-Friday 40 hours per week, some evenings and weekends
Supervision: Position reports to the Executive Director

Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group (HCSEG), a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, has a position open for a full time Salmon and Steelhead Biologist. HCSEG strives to connect landscape, citizens, visitors, and wildlife through collaborative salmon restoration activities, and sustainable farming practices. Our headquarters are located at the Salmon Center in Belfair, WA.  For more information about HCSEG, please visit our website at

Position Summary: The Salmon and Steelhead Biologist supports HCSEG’s mission by managing the fish related research programs. The position includes time in the office and in the field. The position also includes long hours and weekend work during the field seasons which are typically March-June and August-October. The Salmon and Steelhead Biologist reports to the Executive Director and will regularly make written and verbal presentations to project partners, grant funders, local organizations, and schools.

Typical Duties Include: 

  • Lead HCSEG’s efforts for the Union River Summer Chum Fish In / Fish Out Program
    • Juvenile rotary screw trap installation, operation, management and maintenance
    • Collection of genetic samples from juvenile chum
    • Performance of a mark/recapture protocol for gaining trap efficiency of juvenile chum
    • Fence weir adult trap installation, operation, management and maintenance
  • Lead HCSEG’s efforts in instituting a new Hood Canal Wild Coho and Steelhead VSP Parameter Assessment Program
    • Three rotary screw trap installations and operation, management, and maintenance of each;
    • Performance of a mark/recapture protocol for gaining trap efficiency of coho and steelhead smolt
    • Collection of life history data from a subset of coho and steelhead smolt
  • Lead HCSEG’s efforts for the Skokomish Nutrient Enhancement Program
    • Coordinate with the WDFW Mc Kernan Salmon Hatchery during chum spawning days and execute the transport of fall chum salmon carcasses to the upper reaches of the Skokomish River for the purpose of nutrient enhancement.
  • Lead HCSEG’s efforts for the Fall Chum Remote Site Incubator (RSI) Program
    • Coordinate with the WDFW hatcheries to pick up and distribute fall chum eggs to Hood Canal RSI locations
    • Maintenance of RSI’s and fish holding screens until fish are released into Hood Canal
    • Submission of yearly RSI release reports to the WDFW
  • Direct HCSEG’s StreamTeam Internship program
    • Intern recruitment materials update and distribution
    • Selection and day-to-day direction of internship crew
  • Monthly collection of zooplankton samples in the Hood Canal in partnership with the Department of Ecology for the Salish Sea Marine Survival Program
  • Collaboration and coordination with project partners for sample analysis, permitting, and analytical analysis for all research projects
  • Coordination, scheduling, and training of interns and volunteers for all facets of each project
  • Regular reporting and presentations given to grant funders
  • Assisting the Executive Director in seeking and obtaining funding for research projects through grants, foundations, and donations
  • Community outreach both verbally and in writing to schools, the general public and other members of the scientific community regarding project information;
  • Expanding research through partnership with other non-profit and educational institutions;
  • Training volunteers and AmeriCorps members to perform project tasks
  • College intern training, supervision, and recruiting
  • Perform field work as needed to support research and restoration staff
  • Other tasks as needed


  • Minimum education: A degree in related field
  • Strong team leader with proven ability to motivate others
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication abilities
  • Organized, self-motivated and strong attention to detail
  • Diplomatic problem solving skills
  • Good natured team player, comfortable working with diverse groups of people
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs and experience using databases
  • Experience working with youth and adults in an educational setting
  • Ability to perform physical labor in all weather conditions including hiking up streams, planting trees, wading through moving water and lifting up to 50 lbs
  • Access to personal vehicle and ability to travel and work evenings and weekends (reimbursed for mileage at the current WA State rate)

Desired Skills or Demonstrated Interests

  • Passion for communicating the connection between people and salmon ecosystems
  • Experience working with volunteers and non-profit organizations
  • Extensive knowledge and skills related to stream restoration and salmon habitat needs


To apply:  email your letter of interest, resume, and three professional references to

Alternatively, application materials can be hand-delivered to the Salmon Center located at 600 NE Roessel Road, Belfair, WA