Salary: $3,401.00 – $4,541.00 Monthly
Location: Thurston County – Olympia, WA
Job Type: Full Time – Permanent
Job Number: 2023-07086
Department: Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Opening Date: 05/26/2023
Closing Date: 6/11/2023 11:59 PM Pacific

Do you want to promote healthy and diverse fish and wildlife populations and habitats? Do you have experience working in a laboratory preparing samples and extracting DNA? In this role, you will work with biologists and other scientific technicians within the Genetics Laboratory to participate in the technical activities and operations of the lab on a variety of critical projects aimed at improving sustainable management of fish and wildlife resources.

This is an opportunity to conduct quality control procedures on PCR products and DNA to ensure data quality for downstream analyses.

In this dynamic role, you will consult with research project leaders to implement and optimize laboratory procedures.

Our Laboratory Technician,

  • Independently conducts complex molecular laboratory investigations and experiments as part of the agency’s genetic monitoring and research of fish and wildlife trust resources.
  • Cuts/prepares tissue for DNA extractions, extracts DNA from multiple tissue types (including environmental DNA filters and soil samples); conducts polymerase chain reactions (PCR), DNA sequencing, GT-Seq (Genotyping in the Thousands), quantitative PCR (qPCR), and restriction site associated DNA (RAD) procedures.
  • Operates and maintains specialized laboratory equipment, including capillary electrophoresis, integrated fluidic circuit, and next-generation sequencing instruments, as well as liquid handling robots, used to process DNA specimens.
  • Uses computer programs to (a) process and interpret raw data, (b) evaluate PCR reactions to optimize procedures, and (c) genotype samples using specialized software.
  • Maintains sample collections using specialized databases, creates Excel spreadsheets and Access files to track laboratory processes, and maintains sampling supply inventories.
  • Prepares standard solutions, buffers, and reagents.
  • Prepares, consults, and takes orders for genetic field sampling kits; opens, curates, archives, and tracks processing of received kits, specimens, and other data.


  • Work Setting, including hazards:
    • May involve work in inclement/hazardous conditions including handling toxic/reactive chemicals and sharps; primarily laboratory work with use of personal protective equipment; ability to lift 50 lbs.; strong hand eye coordination when working with small liquid volumes.
  • Schedule:
    • The work schedule is 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.
    • Daily hourly work schedule is amenable to change with supervisor approval.
    • Work in excess of 40 hrs. per week may occasionally (rarely) be required to complete lab deadlines, including night and weekend shifts.
  • Travel Requirements:
    • May travel regionally and occasionally statewide.
  • Tools and Equipment:
    • Various types of lab equipment (capillary electrophoresis, integrated fluidic circuit, next-generation sequencing instruments, liquid handling robots), computerized lab instrumentation (pipettes, centrifuges, thermal cyclers), tools, and personal computers.
  • Customer Interactions:
    • Maintains a professional working relationship with contract entities.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: College course work involving major study in biology, zoology, fisheries, chemistry, natural sciences, or closely allied field will substitute year for year for experience provided the course work includes at least 6 semester or 9 quarter hours of natural or environmental science classes.

  • Graduation from high school or GED, including one year of high school science, and four (4) years of experience as a Scientific Technician.


  • Graduation from high school or GED, including one year of high school science, and four (4) years of laboratory or field experience as an assistant to a health or safety professional, biologist, chemist, or zoologist.


Knowledge of:

  • Laboratory principles, practices, and techniques such as those used in molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, chemistry, and organic chemistry. 
  • Laboratory equipment maintenance, operation, and calibration.
  • Laboratory supplies and reagents.
  • Data preparation and quality control.
  • Computer interfaces for operation and setup of laboratory equipment. 

Ability to:

  • Use laboratory equipment (pipettes, robotics, machines) and techniques to perform specialized genetics laboratory tasks to support and carry out sample processing, collect and generate data, and maintain laboratory equipment cleanliness.
  • Understand and follow established written and oral procedures, instructions, formulae, and charts.
  • Record and compile research data.

Experience in:

  • Providing technical expertise and training in a Genetics Lab and maintaining cooperative working relationships with others.

Competencies in:

  • Laboratory data collection and summarization.
  • Evaluation and interpretation of test results.
  • Operation of complex, computer-controlled instruments.
  • Teamwork.
  • Collaboration on research projects.
  • Multitasking on diverse projects.

To Apply
In order to successfully apply for this position, you MUST complete your profile at and attach the following to your profile before completing the online application:

  • A cover letter describing how you meet the qualifications of this position (Generic cover letter will not be accepted).
  • A current resume. 
  • Three professional references. 

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