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Salary– $16-18/hr DOE

Group Definition:  Fisheries Technicians perform duties related to the protection, preservation, propagation, and sampling of fish species and the preservation or enhancement of their habitat. They use knowledge of procedural requirements and processes to support the technical work of their unit. They provide practical technical support to research, operations, or program administration efforts.

Position/Project Specifics:

The successful candidate will be working with Tacoma Public Utilities staff at the Cowlitz River Hydroelectric Project in Salkum, Washington. The candidate’s main responsibilities will be assisting with the operations at the Adult Separation Facility at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery and the Mayfield Dam Juvenile Fish Passage Facility.

The Adult Separation Facility is part of a trap and haul program where salmonids are enumerated and checked for species, sex, marks and tags, and distributed to either broodstock for hatchery needs or transported around the dams to spawn naturally. This environment is wet, cold at times, and fast-paced.

The Mayfield Dam Juvenile Fish Passage Facility is the location where all juvenile salmonids are captured and enumerated as they migrate from the Tilton River basin. Candidates must be able to work weekends during certain times of the year, in inclement weather, exposed to loud noises, and in a wet environment. Both of the traps will require the candidate to be proficient in juvenile and adult salmonid identification, competent with data recording, and knowledgeable with data management.

The candidate will also be responsible for collecting essential trap information, provide accurate data research, and creating reports for fisheries managers. Microsoft Access and Excel are used daily, and accuracy is important since queries are often shared with other organizations. This position will assist with office and conference room needs as well as keeping all work areas clean and presentable. This position often works with others and needs to have a positive attitude.

Essential Functions:  Included in this band are skilled technician positions. Some functions performed by employees can be identical to those performed by fishery biologists at the entry-level or advanced entry level.(The functions listed below are characteristic of the type and level of work associated with this group and pay band.  They are not all-inclusive. Individual positions may perform some or all, as well as other similar work.

  • Participate in survey crews that conduct  fishery presence/absence research, recreational/commercial fishing surveys, anadromous fish escapement survey (carcass, redd, trap/weir, snorkel, etc.) or tag detection and mark recovery surveys.
  • Make standardized observations such as species identification, length, weight, behavior, growth, survival, reproductive condition, fin clips or tags, and/or signs of parasites, diseases or pathogens.
  • Crew may also monitor the status of facility systems and equipment, fabricate, construct, and maintain systems.
  • Gather research data and organize information from fish samples or experimental projects.
  • Assist crew in regular facility inspections including, for example, dewatering equipment, pumps, flumes, gates, tanks, screens, filters, gate wells, and/or tag interrogation equipment.
  • Crew may also monitor and maintain water quality levels. Record findings and adjustments made.
  • Provide input for facility improvements. Respond appropriately and immediately to emergencies.
  • Update database by entering, checking, and/or editing biological or habitat data that has been inputted on field forms, electronic data loggers, and/or desktop computers.
  • Maintain and organize databases.
  • Write memoranda and short reports for transfer of data.
  • Produce summaries including corrections. Produce presentation quality tables and graphs of data.

Knowledge Required by the Position:

  • Knowledge of personal computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, email, publishing software, presentation software, database software, topographic software, bibliographic software, and statistical analysis packages.
  • Knowledge of basic math.
  • They can assess or interpret the significance of their results and relate that to the overall objective of the project.

Additional Mandatory/Desirable Skills: 

  • Mark Fish.     
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Fish species ID skills
  • Oral communication skills       
  • Compile and collect neat and accurate data 
  • Written communication skills 

Additional Desirable Skills:

  • Lift 40-50 lbs
  • Electronic Detection Technology
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Literature search/review
  • Trap/Weir
  • Repair and maintain equipment