Salary: $76,263.60 – $95,121.36 Annually
Location: Mason County, WA
Job Type: Full-Time

This position serves as the Chief Fiscal Officer under the direction of the Director of Public Works for all funds within the Public Works and Utilities & Waste Department. This position participates in all major program management decisions having fiscal implications.

This position supervises the fiscal staff and provides financial or fiscal consultation to fund managers. This position plans, organizes, supervises, and conducts the accounting, budgeting, and personnel/payroll business activities for funds having a variety of complex requirements by such factors as diversity of accounts, federal, and other grant reimbursable funding.

Examples of Duties

Direct day to day fiscal operations and develop fiscal policies, establishing and improving procedures, forms, and systems within the framework of the budgeting, accounting, and reporting system for counties as required by the Division of Municipal Corporations of the State Auditor’s Office.
Initiate, develop, and prepare required periodic and routine fiscal reports, financial reconciliations, and management analysis reports. 
Provide management guidance to staff for long-term cyclic requirements, and determine staffing requirements for special fiscal projects.
Responsible for preparation of the comprehensive annual financial reports for the funds under Public Works Department to ensure that the financial records comply with generally accepted accounting principles and state and local policies.
Responsible for maintenance and reconciliation of the general ledgers for Public Works and Utilities & Waste funds.

Evaluates and reports value of County assets in Road, ER&R and Utilities annually for inclusion in annual reports. Also compiles and reports all inventory data, including vehicles, equipment, fuel and construction materials. Calculates depreciation for vehicles and equipment.
Manage and participate in the administration and development of the County Road, Utilities, Storm Water System Development, and Skokomish Flood Control District budgets.

Assist in the preparation of the Equipment Rental and Revolving Fund budget. Provide forecasting of funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials and supplies. Direct the preparation of budgetary adjustments as necessary. Provide periodic budget and project progress report to managers. 
Responsible for monitoring compliance, reporting to and billing Federal, State· and local agencies for all grants funds
Track and bill outside agencies for work completed by Mason County forces under inter-governmental work agreements.

Participate in rate studies and financial analyses to adjust rates, charges and assessments, which provide the primary funding source for Enterprise (Utility) funds.
Develop processes to ensure timely collection of utility payments, recommends follow-up actions as necessary and implements collection of utility payments.
Resolve or supervise the resolution of inquiries, complaints problems or emergencies affecting the availability or quality of services. Responds to the most sensitive or complex inquires of service complaints.
Initiate program changes and upgrades for Public Works cost accounting software.  Primary liaison between department and software provider. Responsible for interfacing between Public Works cost accounting software and countywide financial software.
Conduct performance evaluations, monitors and resolves grievances and other personnel matters and providing training to employees to ensure effective delivery of services by the department. Take disciplinary action up to termination as necessary.
Regular, reliable and punctual attendance. Shows initiative in performing job functions. Performs related work as required.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business administration
  • Four (4) to five (5) years progressively responsible experience in governmental accounting 
  • One (1) year lead or supervisory experience 


  • A Valid Washington State Driver License
  • Maintenance of current skills and additional training as needed.
  • State of Washington certificate as a Certified Public Accountant desired

Knowledge of: 

  • Federal and state laws regarding governmental accounting procedures.
  • Professional accounting principles, practices and procedures.
  • Principles and practices of administration including budgeting, personnel and fiscal practices.
  • State budgeting, accounting and reporting systems.
  • Data processing principles and accounting applications.
  • Modern supervisory practices and principles.
  • Accounting software, troubleshooting, and spreadsheet creation and manipulation.

Ability to:

  • Plan, organize and oversee assigned work programs, including monitoring work schedules and evaluating the work of staff.
  • Plan and evaluate operations and develop and implement corrective actions to resolve problems.
  • Analyze, interpret and prepare accounting reports and financial statement.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, department managers and the general public.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

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