Salary: $65,885.28 – $80,201.52 Annually
Location: Mason County, WA
Job Type: Full-Time


Performs transportation and public works engineering work under general supervision, in accordance with established policy and professional standards, including but not limited to:    

  • Roadway, bridge, wall, drainage, culvert, inspection and construction oversight
  • Ensuring receipt of project permits
  • Identifying ROW needs and coordinating the acquisition of right-of-way 
  • Performing and overseeing technical studies
  • Developing and managing consultant contracts 
  • Responding to emergencies  

At times, may be required to work under the supervision of others, independently, or to supervise the work of others.
Work at this level is characterized by the independent application of standard engineering procedures and techniques to accomplish a wide variety of work in the office, and/or field. Incumbents generally serve as full production staff or crew leaders. Work is assigned through general instructions and the setting of deadlines by a supervisor who engages in ongoing spot-check review, aids when problems are encountered and reviews completed work. This role may include the leadership of technical support staff and entry level engineers such that incumbents are called upon to direct and train staff.

Examples of Duties

As the party chief, directs a survey crew performing alignment control, location survey work and/or construction staking using manual and/or electronic data collection procedures. Responsible for determining data collection needs as well as accurate, efficient and safe operation of the party.

Trains party members in all aspects of surveying and safety procedures.

Performs responsible project development work such as: field reviews projects; evaluates alternate designs requiring detailed analysis of accident data, capacity studies, hydraulics.

Prepares and/or reviews prospectuses, design reports, hydraulics reports, access reports, environmental documents, design estimates, right of way plans, contract plans, specifications, estimates and special provisions using field data and standard design criteria for projects.

Prepares and reviews designs for intersections, interchanges, grading, paving, resurfacing, drainage, channelization and safety improvements; computers and work stations for horizontal and vertical alignment, earthwork, drainage analysis, quantities, cost estimates, technical written text and computer assisted design/drafting; investigates and writes justifications for minor design deviations; coordinates and reviews projects with cities, other counties, and other state and local agencies.

Instructs and directs support staff in preparation of quantities, estimates, grades, elevations, maps, plans, profiles, cross sections, details, structural notes and beginning level design; directs a crew of CADD operators or performs the most complex automated plans drafting involving interchanges, new alignments, and non-standard applications.

Prepares environmental documents such as environmental assessments, hydraulic permits, checklists, negative declarations and environmental impact statements; obtains environmental regulatory permits; reviews design reports and contract plan for compliance with environmental regulations and mitigation features.

Prepare basic hydraulics analysis using the Highway Runoff Manual, Stormwater Management for Western Washington Manual, Low Impact Development Manual, Water Crossing Design Guidelines, and other approved manuals and guides. 

Provides design information and exhibits necessary for environmental documentation, permitting and ROW acquisition.

Researches and reviews applications submitted by utilities for placement of their facilities in county right of way; writes utility permits and franchises plus prepares supporting documentation, legal descriptions, special provisions and exhibits; writes and processes utility, turnback, local agency, developer and private party agreements using standard format.

Prepares scopes of work, assist in the selection of consultants, and ages consultant agreements.

Performs traffic and route analysis involving traffic assignment, determination of design hour traffic data, development of growth factors and accident analysis; designs standard traffic signing, channelization, delineation, signals, illumination. 

Inspects and directs the inspection of roads, structures and related items; may serve as lead inspector in charge of a moderately sized project or a significant portion of a larger project.

May act as roving inspector for concurrent smaller projects or may inspect specialized features such as major structures, illumination systems, electrical systems, signal systems or enclosed drainage systems; analyzes and interprets plans and specifications.

May stake out alignment; checks work for conformance to plans, specifications and special provisions; monitors quantity and quality of materials; ensures accurate documentation; trains and leads staff.           

May assign tasks, review work, and/or supervise lower-level Project Engineers and Technicians in the completion of design, construction, and contract administration tasks.  Also performs peer review for others.  

Provides technical support to other county departments. 

Attend bridge inspection training and prepare elements of bridge inspection reports and/or become a bridge inspection team leader. Conducts bridge inspections for annual program documenting the condition of the structures, compiling reports, and recommending improvements to address identified defects.

Shows initiative in performing job functions – has the ability to accurately estimate the time for completion of tasks and meets self-imposed deadlines, requests timely guidance when needed, regularly seeks opportunities to take on additional tasks and responsibilities, and seeks opportunities for training as it becomes available or needed. Regular, reliable and punctual attendance. 

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge of:

  • Use of personal computer for drafting and design tasks as well as for email, word processing, spreadsheets, scheduling, internet research, graphics, database management, and use of printers/plotters and digital cameras in support of work responsibilities.
  • Engineering principles, practices, methods, plans, specifications, CADD procedures and drafting standards.
  • Regulations and codes pertaining to public works, engineering and construction, including (but not limited to) WSDOT Standard Specifications, Local Agency Guidelines (LAG), and AASHTO Design Standards.
  • Principles and practices of road construction, including earthwork, roadway, bridge, utility, drainage, erosion and sediment control. 
  • Principles of construction inspection, including understanding and application of specifications outlining the obligations of the contractor and the contracting agency, as well as the ability to enforce the provisions of the contract.

Ability to:

  • Communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing, in English.
  • Read, interpret and communicate engineering plans and specifications, prepared to any engineering or architectural standard.
  • Adapt approved engineering methods to the design and construction of County projects.
  • Plan, supervise and coordinate engineering work.
  • Analyze and identify problem areas and develop solutions.
  • Set work priorities, manage and guide the work of project staff (Engineers, Technicians, Interns, and Consultants) and Contractors, and to mentor less experienced coworkers.
  • Maintain confidentiality within the department or work group, as necessary.
  • Employee may occasionally be required to lift or move up to 40 pounds.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and two years of progressively responsible experience; or
  • A combination of education and experience, totaling six years of progressively responsibility experience, two years of which is equivalent to Engineer I or higher, in Civil Engineering.


  • A valid Washington State Driver’s License
  • First Aid/CPR/AED certification within 6 months (provided by employer)

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