Salary: $62,754.48 – $76,374.00 Annually
Location: Mason County, WA
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Number: 202300014
Department: PUBLIC WORKS
Opening Date: 06/15/2023

Performs a variety of beginning level public works engineering work under the direct supervision of a higher-level engineer, in accordance with established policy and professional standards, including but not limited to:    

  • Roadway, bridge, wall, drainage, and street lighting design, inspection and construction oversight
  • Ensuring receipt of project permits
  • Identifying ROW needs and coordinating the acquisition of right-of-way 
  • Performing and overseeing technical studies
  • Assisting in the developing and managing of consultant contracts 
  • Responding to emergencies   

At times, may be required to work under the supervision of others, or to lead the work of others.

This is the entry level for individuals who have attained a Bachelor’s degree in civil or structural engineering, or possess at least 4 years of progressively responsibility experience in the field of civil engineering. Work assignments and training are designed to develop technical or professional capabilities, familiarize staff with the procedures and practices of the agency and provide experience in the practical application of engineering concepts and techniques to resolve public works and transportation issues in an on-the-job environment. Assignments and related training develop skills in the broad spectrum of engineering practiced within Public Works. Initial work assignments are performed under close supervision and are oriented toward both training/exposure and productivity.

Examples of Duties
Participates in alignment control and location surveying. In order to learn survey techniques and procedures, performs all duties on a survey crew including chain, rods, prism poles, targets and back sights; writing up and setting stakes and markers; instrument operation; takes notes manually or with data collector, downloads and uploads data collector to/from computer, operates personal computer to calculate curve data, triangulations, benchmarks, grades, etc.; operates electronic plotter.
Coordinates and facilitates projects internally with transportation, environmental, surveyor, right-of-way, maintenance, and accounting; 
Coordinates externally with the County Planning department, permitting and government agencies and departments, contractors, consultants and the public.  
Assembles traffic data and prepares basic traffic analysis. Prepares access reports, environmental documents and special studies. Researches and writes portions of design reports and assists in the evaluation of alternative designs.
Summarizes accident statistics and performs basic traffic accident analysis and recommends mitigations. Performs basic traffic circle and signal warrant analysis, and speed limit analysis.  Assists in the design of standard traffic elements such as signing, delineation, channelization, signals and flashers, and illumination.  
Assists in the operation and adjustment of electrical or computer-controlled traffic systems. Assists in conducting operational reviews of signals, signing, channelization and other traffic control devices to assess operating efficiency and safety.
Assists in the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates.  Based on prospectus, design report, soils report and other technical information, prepares and drafts geometric plan, profile and cross-section elements including signing, channelization and traffic barrier warrants using standard design manual applications. 
Finalizes horizontal and vertical alignments using microcomputer and/or work stations.  Calculates quantities, prepares estimates, and writes contract specifications. Reduces survey notes, inputs into microcomputer and runs reports. Writes special provisions.  Prepares construction schedules. Checks calculations done by others.
Performs construction inspection work when required to ensure compliance with contract plans, specifications and provisions. Ensures that materials acceptance and testing is performed as required. 
Maintains accurate and detailed construction records such as: daily reports, field notes, as-built drawings, etc. and reviews records prepared by construction inspectors. Also prepares pay estimates, change orders and construction documentation files for review.
Assistant on-site inspector of paving including miscellaneous items such as guardrail, fencing, signing, etc., assistant on-site inspector of grading, drainage, and surfacing; assistant on-site inspector of structures and related items.
Assists in conducting bridge inspections for annual program documenting the condition of the structures, compiling reports, and recommending improvements to address found defects.
Regular, reliable and punctual attendance. 

Minimum Qualifications
Ability to: 

  • Ability to learn engineering principles, practices, methods, plans, specifications, CADD procedures and drafting standards.
  • Ability to learn the principles and practices of road construction, including earthwork, roadway, bridge, utility, drainage, erosion and sediment control.  Understanding of efficient use of construction equipment as well as materials testing requirements.  Ability to perform testing if required, and working knowledge of test results, allowing for acceptance/rejection of materials.
  • Ability to learn design and construction references, including but not limited to: WSDOT Design Manual, WSDOT Construction Manual, Standard Plans, Plans Prep Manual, Highway Runoff Manual, AASHTO, MUTCD, etc.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing, in English.
  • Work and communicate effectively and courteously with other employees, the public, outside agencies, consultants and contractors.   Also employ tact and courtesy when interacting with the aforementioned, occasionally in difficult/tense situations. The employee may be required to deal with disgruntled individuals requiring the use of conflict management skills.
  • Read, interpret and communicate engineering plans and specifications, prepared to any engineering or architectural standard.
  • Employee may occasionally be required to lift or move up to 40 pounds.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering; or
  • Four years of progressively responsible experience in the field of Civil Engineering


  • A valid Washington State Driver’s License
  • First Aid/CPR/AED certification to be obtained within 6 months of employment (employer provided)

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