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There are many choices for grant writing classes, but experts agree that the best way to learn how to write grants is by actually writing a grant proposal and getting feedback and encouragement on your work. Spark the Fire Certificate in Grantwriting course provides that opportunity. That’s why Spark the Fire students say “It is the best grant writing course I have ever taken!”

The course is online and on-demand combined with an eight-week group discussion zoom series. The zoom series meets 12-1pm PST on Wednesdays beginning September 22. Participants should register by September 15. Certificate in Grantwriting is a comprehensive class on writing grant proposals, where to find grant opportunities, and grants management. Each student will write and edit a complete grant proposal with encouragement and feedback from the instructor and your peers. This is a rigorous course for individuals who have excellent writing skills. It is applicable for both beginners and experts alike. Plan to spend two hours on your own plus one hour with the group each week. I would love for you or someone on your team to join us!

Certificate in Grantwriting

Register by September 15

Group Zoom Series Portion Starts Wednesday, September 22, 12-1pm PST

Investment: $499; $549 with two Executive Coaching Sessions