Are you a student who is frustrated with your education? Do you feel disengaged? Unsatisfied with PowerPoint lectures and hungry for more community in your classes? Passionate about social movements on campus? Are you feeling anxious in the face of climate change and angry about ongoing structural racism and other forms of inequality? Are you troubled by the pandemic’s unprecedented technological transformation of education? Looking for a way to process and deal with school functioning more like a business focused on the bottom line rather than on providing you with an enriching education?

Submit an abstract to our edited volume – “How We Want to Learn!”: Radical Student Voices from the Academy in a Crises World. This edited volume explores the rarely heard radical voices of graduate and undergraduate students expressing in critical and heartfelt ways how YOU want to learn, as opposed to how ‘we’ in the academy want to teach. This is your opportunity to dream about what school would look like in an ideal world. Write about your frustrations, your personal experience of pain or of success in an academic or other learning setting. Write about the learning that has set you on fire – or your longing for such an experience.

We seek academic works that can take any form such as theoretical, autoethnography, ethnography, or other styles that enable you to document your experiences and / or those of other students. Creative submissions are strongly encouraged – including poems, prose, art, photography, personal narrative – whatever form of expression you are passionate about, we are interested in!

Accepted submissions will become part of a diverse community of passionate students. As we work together to craft this edited volume, we will dream together about transformation of education and of society.

Submission Guidelines

·Last date of Abstract Submissions – January 15, 2022

·Abstracts should be approximately 500 words

·Include a short bio/introduction in your email ·Submit via email to &