Featured Gallery Artist: Lisa Sweet

“When I discovered that artistic practice was an excellent way to raise big questions, and try to answer them, I was pretty much sold. I like doing a lot of research and synthesizing my thinking through image and object making.”






Lisa Sweet has been a member of the Evergreen faculty since 1999. Her Listening Series, is currently on display in Evergreen Gallery’s faculty/staff exhibition, Statements & Questions. Lisa didn’t create them by herself. Through Evergreen’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Remy O’Neal-Barrows, a student, provided Lisa with invaluable studio assistance, while Lisa provided Remy with the rare opportunity of working directly with an established artist on her new work of multi-plate etchings.

Lisa believes we have a strong commitment to making art sustainable, striving to make the smallest impact on the environment, and has been instrumental in converting our traditional printmaking studio into a completely non-toxic environment. We have the best art studio resources I have seen anywhere in the country.”

Lisa loves what we do at Evergreen with our major art emphases. “Through day-time and evening/weekend studies, we provide students with access to equipment and studios that are hard to come by.” Lisa encourages everyone to really dig into the interdisciplinary aspect of liberal arts offered at Evergreen.

Statements & Questions: Select Works of Faculty and Staff Of The Evergreen State College now showing until March 8th, 2017 in The Evergreen Gallery.




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