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June 1st Meeting

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month. Time: 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Location: Currently being held remotely. For more information, please contact the Committee Chair – Sina Hill ( and/or Co-Chair – Shon Forsyth (

Completion of Vice Presidents’ Charge to Study Becoming a Smoke Free Campus

The Health and Safety Committee has completed its November 2012 charge from Evergreen’s vice presidents to “develop a campus-wide process by which the college can evaluate the opportunities, ramification, unintended consequences and associated costs related to becoming a non-smoking campus.”

The charge included several guiding questions and a recommended process for its satisfactory completion. In order to complete this charge, the committee studied other campuses that have gone smoke free; conducted a survey of Evergreen faculty, staff and students; and held a town hall meeting about the college’s current smoking policy.