Mission:  The Health and Safety Committee seeks to create and promote a safe and healthy campus for students, staff, faculty, neighbors, and visitors so as to reduce rates of preventable injury and illness as mandated by the Washington State Administrative Code.  WAC 296-800-130.

Vision:  The Health and Safety Committee envisions facilitating the highest levels of health and safety for everyone on campus. Through the committee’s work, Evergreen will foster a strong culture of safety awareness, proactively identify and resolve safety threats, and encourage health and wellness.

Values:  The Health and Safety Committee believes the campus community and the general public have the right to a healthy, safe campus environment, and share responsibility for maintaining it. Health and safety are fundamental elements of a successful educational institution, requiring proactive awareness and communication. Collaboration, inclusion, representation and equity are essential to the Health and Safety Committee’s approach to identifying and resolving health and safety threats. Given these values, the Health and Safety Committee will ensure evidence-based recommendations and a safety management process that is timely, transparent and informed by broad community participation.

Charging Authority:  The Health and Safety Committee reports to the Vice President for Finance and Operations.


Health and Safety Committee Bylaws, June 2019 (PDF)