Evergreen’s Climate Justice and Resilience Speaker and Event Series is centered on the Climate Academy program, and is hosted by multiple programs that study climate themes. All students, faculty, staff, and the general public are invited to join these events on Zoom. Announcements of speakers and events, ways to access the online events, and background links and documents, will be posted here. Soon after each event is over, videos will also be posted on the quarterly speaker series pages. Many thanks to Evergreen Media Services staff for their hard work in making this remote series possible.

The speaker and event series builds on the Anthropocene series (2015-16), two Indigenous Climate Justice Symposia (2015-17), the “Water is Life” forum (2017), “The Waters Connect Us” forum (2018),  the “Nurturing Roots” forum (2019), and other collaborative events at Evergreen. The speakers and events listed below are part of the 2020-21 series:

Fall 2020 Speaker Series

SEPT. 27: Fall Convocation Panel on Disaster Resilience

OCT. 27: Dr. Michael Méndez, author of Climate Change from the Streets

NOV. 10: Dr. Kyle Whyte, Indigenous climate scholar

NOV. 18: Professor Lane Selman, Culinary Breeding Network

FALL WEEK 9: Evergreen Prof. Pauline Yu, on Climate Change and Aquaculture

Winter 2021 Speaker Series

JAN. 25: Evergreen Prof. Ruth Hayes, on “Eco-Media; the Environmental Footprint of Media and the Myth of the Cloud”

FEB. 6: Sámi Perspectives on Green Colonialism: Response to Climate Change (Sámi National Day)

FEB. 8: Prof. John Bolte, on Climate Resilience Modeling

FEB. 20: Toshi Reagon on Parable of the Sower opera

FEB. 24: Evergreen Prof. Shangrila Joshi, on “Climate Justice in Global Context”

Spring 2021 Speaker Series

SPRING WEEK 1: Julie Barber (Swinomish Tribe Senior Shellfish Biologist) & Amanda Kelley (UA-Fairbanks Ocean Acidification Research Center)

APR. 24: José Gómez Farmworker Justice Day / “Farmworkers’ response to COVID-19 and wildfire danger using multigenerational movement organizing as an ‘ecosystem'”

MAY 12: Prof. Amalia Leguizamón on “Environmental Injustice and Genetically Modified Soybeans in Argentina”

MAY 13: Rob Smith (U.S. Forest Service) on “Climate Change Modeling With Lichen Communities”

MAY 26: Evergreen Emeritus Prof. Jeff Antonelis-Lapp, with “A Virtual Field Trip in the Nisqually River Watershed”

2022-23 Speaker Series

OCT. 12: Jennifer Atkinson on “Beyond Climate Despair: Reclaiming Hope in a Warming World.”

OCT. 19-20  Food Justice Symposium: The Pandemic as Portal (remote)

NOV. 8-9   Native Cases Conference on Climate Change (Little Creek Resort)

JAN. 25: Prof. Sarah Ray on  A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety.

FEB. 22: Prof. Kari Norgaard on climate emotions, denial and Indigenous climate justice 

APR. 19: Dr. Deondre Smiles on Indigenous Climate Futures

MAY 17:  TBA