CELTC Lecture Series

Check out the lectures that we have for Fall 2023 in the flyer below: 

SBE Lecture Series Fall 23 At-A-Glance Flyer (4)

Join the Sustainability, Business, and Entrepreneurship Lecture Series hosted by The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Transformational Change (CELTC) to learn about a variety of topics in sustainability, business, and entrepreneurship from our very own Evergreen alumni. Topics covered in this lecture series may include cooperatives, alternative business models, renewable energy, food systems, economic development, and more. The lecture series will be held remotely over Zoom. The series is also held in conjunction with a 2-credit class available for students to enroll in and faculty to include in their programs for fall, winter, and/or spring quarter.


The Future of the Cooperative Movement
Fred Medlicott, Northwest Cooperative Development Center 
Video: Link
Website: nwcdc.coop

Entrepreneurship and the Sharing/Circular Economy
Dante Garcia, Community Gearbox  
Video: Link
Website: communitygearbox.com

Empowering Changemakers
Teryn Reche, RAIN Incubator
Video: Link
Website: rainincubator.org

Cooperatives, Community Food Systems and Education
Marisha Auerbach, Permaculture Rising
Video: Link
Website: permaculturerising.com

Waste Management, Clean Materials, and the Economy in the Pacific Northwest
Rhys Roth, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure
Video: Link
Website: sustaininfrastructure.org

Economic Development and Sustainability in Downtown Olympia
Amy Buckler, City of Olympia
Video: Link
Website: olympiawa.gov

Exploring the Nexus between Community Development, Social Enterprise, Culture, and Inclusive Spaces
Khrshida Begum, ASHHO Cultural Community Center
Video: Link
Website: ashho.org

Indoor Farming
Michael Twiggs, Garden of Eden
Video: Link
Website: goefarming.org

Conscious Capitalism & Ethical Dairying
Matthew Tuller, Lost Peacock Creamery
Video: Link
Website: lostpeacock.com

Sustainable Marketing
Emily Wilder, Salinity Seafood and More
Video: Link
Website: eatsalinity.com

Environmental Journalism, Entrepreneurship, & Media
Jenna Mason, Get Reel LLC
Video: Link
Website: getreelllc.com

Building Greener
Aaron Sauerhoff, Earth Homes LLC
Video: Link
Website: earthhomes.design

Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement
Wayne Warrington, Verdis Group Consulting
Video: Link
Website: verdisgroup.com



Sash Sunday, OlyKraut
Website: olykraut.com

Jessica Honiker, Southwest Washington Food Hub
Video: Link
Website: swwafoodhub.com

Daniel Cherniske
Video: Link
Website: patreon.com/danielcherniske

Fred Medlicott, Northwest Cooperative Development Center 
Video: Link
Website: nwcdc.coop