The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Transformational Change (CELTC) is a collaborative environment where students, Evergreen alumni and community members can actively engage with complex challenges through applied entrepreneurial and leadership learning opportunities in the curriculum, certificate programs, and co-/extra-curricular opportunities. The Center supports the development of social, sustainable and business entrepreneurial and leadership skills with integrated, interdisciplinary support from faculty, staff, peer mentors, community, and tribal communities. Students will leave Evergreen ready to think critically and creatively, participate collaboratively, and lead compassionately towards a more just and sustainable world.  


Our Vision

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Transformational Change supports all students to discover and explore their passions through career-connected, interdisciplinary, and applied learning. Students are generously scattered throughout our local, regional, and global communities developing skills and experiences that deepen their Evergreen education. Graduates are empowered and equipped to develop solutions and adapt to the emergent needs and economies of our world. Alumni and community members can engage in life-long learning, gain the skills needed to advance their careers and hone their ideas for social and sustainable business entrepreneurial ventures, guided by the values of conscious capitalism. 


  • Students as change agents 
  • Conscious capitalism 
  • Sustainability 
  • Innovation and risk taking 
  • Social Equity and accessibility 
  • Teamwork  and team-based learning 
  • Tenacity and adaptability 
  • Community connections, partnerships, and economies  
  • Creative problem-solving and innovation 
  • Interdisciplinary, Field-based hands-on applied learning 
  • Technical and soft skill building  
  • Career-connected learning