Middle East Studies in Context:  Study Abroad Opportunities

About every three years, I take students on a 6 week study abroad program to Turkey and Egypt in the Spring quarter as the final quarter of a three quarter thematic program dealing with Middle Eastern topics.  I took a group to Egypt and Turkey in 2014.  The 2011 trip to Turkey was the fourth trip I have led to the region.  The picture on the lower right side of this page was taken from our visit to a Mehane (Turkish Tavern) in the Nevizade district  near Istaqlal Street in Istanbul in 2011.  The picture on the lower left is from Cairo’s Khan al-Khalili market area in Islamic Cairo.

The study abroad component is an integrated element of a three quarter thematic program on a selected topic in Middle East studies devised by the faculty team teaching the program that year.

Because of the limited space for the study abroad program students must

  • have been enrolled in the previous two quarters of study
  • be selected according to criteria worked out between students and faculty at the start of the program in the Fall quarter.  For example, in 2011 41 students sought 30 places for the study abroad.  When one faculty leads the study abroad, there are typically only 23 slots.

Examples of Previous Study Abroad Programs to Middle East that I lead:

2011:  Memory and Conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean

40 day trip to Turkey.  10 days in two different districts of Istanbul (Sultanahmet and Taksim); a 20 day bus tour around Turkey taking students to Ankara, Cappadocia, Konya, Olympus, Fethiye, Ephesus, Izmir, returning to Istanbul; one week of individual or group travel by students; return to Istanbul for final 3 days.

2007:  From Bosphorus to Suez:  Political and Cultural Geography of Eastern Mediterranean

Six week trip.  4 weeks in Egypt with stays in various districts of Cairo, trips to Luxor and Alexandria and then 2 weeks in Turkey with stay in Istanbul and trip to southern Mediterranean coastal areas.

2001:  Imagining the Middle East and South Asia

 4 weeks in Egypt and 2 weeks in Turkey.

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