Media Work:

I frequently give interviews, respond to questions and participate in programs with radio, news and print media organizations and interested individuals.  The topics I am most interested in addressing include:

  • current and background discussions about terrorism and violent conflict
  • current issues regarding U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East
  • current issues regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

All media inquiries should be directed to: Dr. Steve Niva Lab 1, Room 1005 The Evergreen State College Olympia, WA  98505 Email: Office Phone:  360-867-5612

Talks and Speaking Engagements:

I frequently give lectures and talks on the Evergreen campus, in the Northwest or at events held around the region and country.  I am particularly interested in speaking to colleges, universities, community groups, religious institutions and activist gatherings.  I typically ask for an honorarium to cover costs of travel, preparation and work-time for a specific event. I have given or can give lectures in the following areas: The Arab Spring and Democracy Uprisings I frequently speak about the origins and implications of the 2011 Arab Democracy uprisings to many audiences, focusing on the factors that gave rise to this development, the situation in different countries across the region and the implications for US foreign policy.  For example, I gave an invited lecture at Washington State University, Tri-Cities Campus on November 14, entitled “How the Demand for Democracy, Not Facebook, is Changing the Middle East Today.”

The History and Current Status of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

I have presented a variety of talks on this topic, but the core of each is to provide an overview of key and often contested events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through detailed maps and images, answering questions about the history, and outlining the views of the different participants.  I have tailored several talks to address the issue of Israel’s separation barrier, its settlement strategies in the West Bank, and the recent wars in Gaza and other current issues.

U.S. Foreign Policy and the Roots of Terrorism

I have given a variety of talks on this topic but the core of each provide an overview of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, the rise of Al-Qaida and its strategies and tactics, the rise of ISIS, differentiating between the different militant organizations in the region and outlining the most effective and legitimate American policy responses.

The Rise and Dissemination of Suicide Bombing

I review debates about the origins and roots of suicide bombings and provide an overview of the spread of suicide bombing as a tactic of late modern asymmetrical warfare, with a particular focus on Israel-Palestine and Iraq and the use of women suicide bombers.   All speaking inquiries should be directed to: Dr. Steve Niva Lab 1, Room 1005 The Evergreen State College Olympia, WA  98505 Email: Office Phone:  360-867-5612