The Space and Land Use Group (SLUG) provides oversight, support and recommendations in regards to space and land use proposals from campus entities and the greater Olympia and Tacoma community.

The SLUG is responsible for the periodic update of the college’s Master Plan which was last updated in 2014. All proposals involving outdoor land use and building space on campus must be reviewed by the Space and Land Use Group. The Committee is an advisory group to the VP for Finance and Administration. Issues of major substance will be forwarded via the VP to Senior Management for final approval.

The committee consists of members of the Evergreen faculty, staff and student body. Meetings may change periodically depending on the academic schedule. If there are questions regarding meeting times, dates or agenda items, please contact the Assistant to the Associate Vice President of Facilities Services at 360-867-5135 for up to date information.

SLUG Procedures

The group reviews land and space use project proposals on a monthly basis. A Space and Land Use Proposal Application (Word and PDF links available above) must be completed and submitted to the SLUG, at least one week prior to the meeting in which you want your project reviewed. Electronic applications are preferred, but paper copies are also accepted. The application can be submitted to the SLUG distribution list (SLUG@evergreen.edu), or turned in to the Assistant to the Associate Vice President of Facilities in Lab II, 1254. If the proposal is hand delivered, it will be scanned and emailed to the group members.

Proposal presentations should not exceed 15 minutes. The applicant will be notified if the project is placed on the agenda for the requested meeting date. The agenda is available on the website a day before the meeting. At the meeting, the Committee may request additional information and might ask that community input be obtained.
Projects that the group is in favor for, will be submitted to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for approval.

The SLUG does NOT approve any projects in their meeting.

The applicant is notified with the determination.


Staff and Faculty Members

Name and TitleEmailLocationMailstopPhone
William Ward, Associate VP for Facilities Services

Lab II 1251LAB2 1254(360) 867-6115
Alt: (360) 918-4340
David McAvity, Vice Provost for Academic Budget & Planning

Lib 3801
LIB 3821(360) 867-5490
John Carmichael, Vice President for Finance and Operationscorna@evergreen.edu
Lib 3007

LIB 3009

(360) 867-6291
Fax: (360) 867-6886
Alt: (360) 867-6296
Robert Leverich, Faculty

Lab II 3253
LAB2 2257(360) 867-6760
Sharon Goodman, Director of RAD

RAD A 320
RAD A-301(360) 867-6333
Fax: (360) 867-6783
Alt: (360) 867-6549
Susan Keefe, Space Analyst 1keefes@evergreen.eduLab II 1259LAB2 1254(360) 867-6371
Fax: (360) 867-6791
Alt: (360) 339-0499
Matt Lebens, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator

Lab II 1261
LAB2 1254(360) 867-6111
Fax: (360) 867-6791
Mark Kormondy, Building & Grounds Supr B

(360) 867-6349
Alt: (360) 507-5100
Dylan Fischer, Facultyfischerd@evergreen.edu
Sem II C-4108
SE 2 A2117(360) 867-6509

Other Members


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