2019 Additional Meeting Information

Travel Logistics:

Meeting participants are required to arrange their own transportation. If you have special needs, we will help.

Capital Aeroporter:

The Aeroporter is the easiest way between the airport and Evergreen.

Assembly point: is at the south end of Terminal Building near the door marked “00”. The Conference Rate to The Evergreen State College A–Dorm or your hotel for one passenger is $42.00 One-Way or $61.00 Round Trip – This is the Conference Non-Refundable Rate. Even better Group Rates are available, but ONLY for groups that are ON THE SAME FLIGHT AND BOOKING TOGETHER – if this fits you, ask for details when you register. Reservations are required in order to receive the convention rate. Once you purchase a Round-Trip Convention Rate ticket, you cannot receive a refund for the 2nd half of your ticket. All walk-on passengers at the airport without reservations will pay full-fare for Round-Trip tickets.

Payment Type: If possible, credit cards should be used to reserve your transportation.
To receive your conference discount online: Go to the Capital Aeroporter website: www.capair.com.

    • Choose Book a Ride and scroll down the Select the Group or Coupon icon
    • Type PHAGE  in the group discount code and click Go

To receive your conference discount via telephone:
Please state that you are attending the Phage meeting at the Evergreen State College, and state the letters PHAGE, to ensure that your reservations are combined with all other event reservations.

Capital Aeroporter Counter: The Airporter/Shuttle Bus Counter area is located directly inside door “00”, with a TV screen above giving the next departure times for this and other area shuttles. To get there, stay inside the Terminal Building and walk to the far South End of the Terminal.  The South End is beyond the International Flight Baggage Area #1. (Do NOT cross the bridges.)

You can contact Shirley.f@capair.com or johnf@capair.com or by telephone at 1-800-962-3579.



Genomics workshop:


Sunday afternoon BBQ:


Other logistic information:

Wi-fi: There is good wi-fi access in the dorms and in many campus buildings, but be aware that there are very few electrical outlets in the lecture hall and cell phone service is spotty throughout the campus especially indoors.
Talks: Speakers will be held tightly to their scheduled amount of time, which includes questions. You will be given signals 5 min and 2 min before your time is up. One minute before the end of your time we will be setting up the next person while you answer final questions. The lecture hall will be available for practice.
Posters: Send as a PDF or Adobe Illustrator file to us at tescphage@gmail.com by July 28, and we will print it here (a 44 x 60 poster will cost $42.00). For those presenting posters, we suggest adding a photo of each attending author so others can easily find you for discussions throughout the meeting.

Cost of printing poster on Fabric:

  • 44×48: $24(fabric)+$22(ink)=$46.00
  • 44×42: $22(fabric) + $19(ink) = $41.00
  • 44×36: $18(fabric) + $17(ink) = $35.00

*If you’d like to use fabric as your poster medium, please notify us with your desired number of posters and their dimensions by July 12th at the latest. We will be ordering the fabric then and need to make the appropriate arrangements.

Printing poster on Luster Paper:

  • 44×48: $30.80
  • 44×42: $29.40
  • 44×36: $25.20

Please ensure we have your poster sent to us a week before the meeting (by the morning of Monday, July 29th) if you want your poster printed.

You can pay for your poster either with cash at the conference, or through Evergreen’s website.