Welcome to the home page of the Evergreen Bacteriophage Lab, established in January 1973, as Evergreen’s first lab building opened, and functioning ever since. We focus mostly on bacteriophage which infect E. coli, but have also done work with other hosts, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and are also involved in work towards phage therapy with our international partners.

The 23rd Evergreen International Phage Meeting drew over 300 people from 56 countries.

The 22nd Evergreen International Phage Meeting drew over 200 people from 41 countries in August 2017.

Phagoburn publishes a periodic newsletter, which is available on their website.

Purchase phage merchandise from the Evergreen book store.

Contact us at tescphage@gmail.com.

2009 Meeting

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Hot Tales of Phage T4’s Takeover of E. coli