Abstract Guidelines

Key Dates for 24th Biennial Evergreen International Phage Meeting: Aug 4-9
and Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts for Poster and Oral Presentations

Both poster and oral presentations require that you submit abstracts; this includes invited speakers. Note that they can be updated until July 1st.

GUIDELINES: Read Carefully!

Prepare your abstract in Word (for draft or final), as described in detail below, and submit it via email to tescphage@gmail.com. Indicate the category that is most relevant in the email ‘subject’ line. Also, add the word “talk” there if you want to be considered for a short talk.

Your category choices are:

  • AGR: Agriculture and Food Safety
  • BIOT: Phage-based Biotechnology
  • ECO: Ecology and Evolution
  • GEN: Genomics and Proteomics
  • MECH: Structure and Molecular Mechanisms
  • TEMP: Temperate Phage
  • THER: Phage Therapy


  1. Both draft and final Abstracts must be submitted as Word documents, to let us add section titles, page numbers, etc. and do any essential editing.
  2. Use a full letter-size page (8.5 x 11in or 21.5 x 28 cm); margins: 1.0 in. (3.0 cm) all around.
  3. Font: Times New Roman; Size 14 for title, size 11 for everything else.
  4. Title: Center-aligned at the top.
  5. Authors: list the first and last names of all authors under the title. Bold the planned presenter(s), and underline the names of all who expect to be at the meeting, making it easier for participants to find and talk with people working on the project.
  6. Include Institution(s) with location(s), and the email of the corresponding author.
  7. Abstract content should be limited to 450 words, justified, and with single line spacing. If appropriate for the presentation of your research, we suggest that you structure your Abstract with the following headings: Objectives, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.
  8. Figures, Tables and References: can be included if desired as long as you keep within your single page limit.

We suggest that you include in the poster (or bring and post) pictures with names of the authors who will be attending the meeting, to make it easier to be found for poster discussions throughout the meeting and to associate the people with the work.


  • NOW: Submit a title and short rough draft abstract as soon as possible if you are applying for travel or registration support or asking for the ‘invitation letter’ necessary to obtain a visa or travel funds.
  • MAY 15: Solid draft of abstract must be submitted by this date if you would like to be considered for an oral presentation (in which case include the word “talk” along with the appropriate category in the subject line of your email — see instructions below). Some suggested editing will occur and it will be sent back to you for finalization.
  • JUNE 15: Final decisions on choice of platform presentations will be announced.
  • JULY 1: Your final version of all abstracts is due in Word (see specifications below), for assembly into the abstract book; proof-read this carefully as no changes will be allowed later.