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Passionate Mycophile, Amateur Mycologist, Permaculturist & Wild Food Chef Ben Spice joins us to share studies of fascinating fungi species.

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Episode 5 of NATURE TALKS will run on the 3rd of November 2021 at 7pm UK time. Fellowship of the Trees proudly presents our series ‘Nature talks’. We aim to provide a platform for revolutionary speakers who bring a powerful voice for nature and the Earth. As life as we know it shifts, we have invited spiritual and ecological leaders, pioneers and advocates to talk about how our return to nature will support our evolving world.

In this episode we are joined by Ben Spice, passionate ‘Mycophile’, ‘Student’ of the Fungi, Permaculturist, and Wild Food Chef. Ben joins us to share his study, wisdom and experience from his journey and fascination with fungi in its many glorious forms.

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Disclaimer: All information, views, opinions and content expressed within Nature Talks series are solely of the individual guests involved and do not necessarily represent those of Fellowship of the Trees. Furthermore all the information and content provided is not a substitute for medical, legal or other professional advice, and as such, you may seek it on your own accord